How To Deal With The Crap In Our Lives


I’m in the process of potty training my child which means I spend an excessive amount of time talking about her shit, wiping her shit and cheering her shit on. It’s so fun. So far, she’s failing like a champ. She’ll get excited about her Hello Kitty undies but when it comes time to move [...]

We’re Joining The Band

Maybe it’s because we’re creators, and rumor has it that you have to have something a little off in your psyche to be an artist of any type. And off can come from genetics, chemicals, or life’s crazy twists and turns. Or maybe it’s just because we’re human, and it seems like there’s no surviving [...]

Please, Let Us Introduce You to Felicity


Aiming Low Does Good has decided to champion the Love Drop cause again this month. One look at Felicity, and we think you’ll understand why. That beautiful little girl with the blonde hair and smiling eyes? That is Felicity. She’s four years old, and she and her family recently found out she has brain cancer. [...]

Pretty Things that Do Good

love drop jewelry

This month, we’re all about supporting the team at Love Drop, a micro-giving network that pools small contributions from all over to help one family or person in need each month. One of the awesome things about Love Drop is that they make it possible for everyone who is interested to participate. Giving creates good [...]

Meet the Aubin Family

All month, Aiming Low Does Good has been talking to you about the micro-giving community, Love Drop. In case you missed it, this is a network of people that get together every month to help out a person or family in need. It’s not a charity, they’re just a group of people with a common [...]

7 Ways to Help Moms Survive

maternal health

I can’t decide if the title phrase “help moms survive” is too simplistic or too sensational, but it is extremely literal. We’re talking about keeping women alive. We’re talking, specifically, about how we – you and me – can prevent the deaths of 900 pregnant women every single day. It’s powerful stuff, right? It is [...]

Not Every Birth Story is Funny, And Every Mother Counts

maternal health

There are few things funnier than a really well told pregnancy, labor, and delivery story. The hemorrhoids. The weird food cravings. The waddling and water breaking and swearing that you will do anything for anyone if they will JUST GET THIS THING OUT OF YOU ALREADY. It’s really easy to turn the miracle of life [...]

Is Your Child Autistic? Signs and Resources

As April draws to a close (bring on the May flowers already!), we want to have one more conversation about autism and Autism Awareness Month. And this is a tough one. Let’s talk about potential signs that your child might have some form of autism. As a parent, we like to get familiar with “symptom [...]

April: Autism Speaks and You Win a Playbook Tablet from Blackberry


It’s estimated an average of 1 in 110 children in the United States have an Autism Spectrum Disorder. Approximately 36,500 of the children born each year will eventually be diagnosed with an Autism Spectrum Disorder. People with autism typically have medical expenses that cost about $5,000 more per year than the annual medical expenses of [...]

What Do You Have To Say About Mental Health?

Aiming Low Does Good has been talking about mental illness during March. Our goal was: To fight social stigma by showing that people with mental illness are not alone To show that you can have a mental illness and still live a happy, functional life Thanks to our guest contributors, we were able to give [...]

March Mental Illness Spotlight: Schizophrenia

Aiming Low Does Good is talking about mental illness in March. Mental illnesses affect people from all walks of life and can strike in many different forms. It’s important to us to let people living with any type of mental illness know that they are not alone. While depression, postpartum disorders, and anxiety disorders seem to [...]

March Spotlight: Mental Illness

You can’t see it, and yet those of us who live with it know that it can touch every single aspect of our lives. It can be difficult to diagnose; it won’t show up on an x-ray or during a physical examination. Treating it can involve a lot of guesswork, trial and error – a [...]