MU Teen Writers

A.M. – 17 – USA

A.M. is a truly unique, versatile creature. Standing about five feet tall, she can be found roaming the wilderness or scouring the mall for a clearance rack. When at home, she procrastinates by writing her blog, anthropomorphity, which is about clothes, music, animals and life, or by posting meaningless but entertaining tweets on twitter.

Ellie – 15 – USA

Ellie lives her sweet life with a mama, a baby sis, and her own personal guardian angel. Living a small town life with big town dreams she plans to go far. She loves Taylor Swift and all things pink. In her eyes heartaches and low days mean smiles and laughs are to come if she just keeps hanging on. With faith on her heart and love in her veins she feels anything but alone as this lovely life carries her to anything but disaster. You can find Ellie at her blog, The Ellie Life, on Facebook, and on tumblr.


Furree Katt – 18 – Pakistan

Furree Katt is a home-schooled girl from Pakistan who has worked as a Kindergarten teacher to support her family. She likes cats, books by Stephen King, colours, and blogging. Furree’s greatest ambition, apart from completing her B.Ed, is to memorize all of Drake’s songs by heart. She blogs at Furree Katt.

GFish – 17 – USA

Goldfish, or Gfish, is a seventeen year old girl who loves to write. She likes to be honest and funny, and has no boundaries when it comes to opinions about the world around her. In many of her posts, Gfish includes drawings (done on a program like MS paint) to emphasize her emotions and experiences. If you want to learn more about Gfish and her lifetime adventures, simply visit The Life of a Goldfish Lover. All are welcome.


Ginger – 14 – Ireland

Ginger is an anonymous blogger from the wilderness of Ireland, where she strains to find something to do. She is 14 and seen as very eccentric, but is much more interesting at a second glance. She loves delving into the layout of society and all of the drama in the world, as it is a non-stop action place. Her main passion is writing, but can quickly change course to whatever tickles her fancy that day. You can find her at her blog: Quirkyness, Rants, and General Randomness

Knocked Askew – 15 – USA

Knocked Askew is artistic, fun loving, and quirky. She loves to write, read, snap pictures, and play the ukulele. In other words, she’s a total dork. She hopes to one day travel the world, though at fifteen (almost sixteen), there isn’t much she can do about that yet. You can visit her blog at Knocked Askew, and you can like her blog’s Facebook page here.


Jazz – 15 – USA

Jazz is your typical fifteen year old who enjoys reading, pineapples and Coldplay. She spends most of her evenings curled up with her cat “Sugar” watching Korean dramas. She is currently seeking help for her chapstick addiction. You can find her at Drinking Alone Under the Moon. Drinking sweet tea, that is.


Mona – 16 – Norway

Mona is a sixteen-year-old girl from Norway of Somali heritage. She has no idea what she wants to become, but she’s taking it day by day. She adores redheads, reading books, and daydreaming. One day she wants to live on a farm, with cows and all that. Mona strongly believes in “LIVE AND LET LIVE.” You can find her at her blog, Conceal Your Thoughts.


Perfectly Imperfect – 16 – India

Perfectly Imperfect is a regular teenager who started blogging as part of her destiny. Through this, she found her love for photography and now she balances both writing and clicking photos of the beautiful nature. In her blog, she shows you the things that we often neglect in life but are at the same time important. She can be pretty insane and it is difficult to understand her at times, but c’mon – nobody is perfect. Hence the secret behind her name. She is proud to admit that she is not perfect! You can also find her on Facebook here and here.


Stephanie – 18 – USA

Stephanie is a stubborn, sarcastic, occasionally hilarious high-school senior with elf ears and a passion for words. She began blogging in 2008, but when the sunshine-and-butterfly persona started to feel fake, she created Pandora in March of 2011. With her straightforward posting style, Stephanie strives to foster a spirit of hope and acceptance as she uses her God-given talents to make the world a better place.

Tela – 17 – USA

Tela is a 17-year-old who doesn’t like labels and who firmly believes that normal is overrated. (Which is why she named her blog that.) She blogs and lives as Tela in the wild world of the internet, as well as with her parents and cat, where she worries about grades and college just like the rest of the teenaged world. She is still trying to figure it all out (whatever “it” is) and maybe even make an impact on this world as she goes.

Unstoppable Nerd – 16 – UK

Unstoppable Nerd (the name kind of explains it all) is a sixteen-year-old school student who spends most of her life on the internet or playing one of her instruments. Most of that time on the internet is spent looking at funny pictures of cats, but she writes on her blog sometimes, too. She also ponders about what food to have next and why Justin Bieber is constantly trending on her twitter page. The most important things to her in life are food, sarcasm, and music, and she would not get through the day with several cups of tea with a lot of sugar in. You do not want to know how much sugar she has in her tea.