About Miss Unlimited

Miss Unlimited is geared towards the young women of the world. We know that you, as an influence in her life, have a very big responsibility—whether you want it or not.

We always strive to be non-gender and non-age specific with Aiming Low.

That is obviously not the case here. We want it to be something you read, think about and share.

We feel there’s an important truth in our message of “Perfectly Mediocre”.

Separately, neither word truly means what we believe to be most important in a woman’s perception of themselves.

There is no truth in “perfection” and “mediocrity” isn’t a BAD thing!

Being “Perfectly Mediocre” means having a strong self esteem, healthy body image, pride in your achievements, the tools and tips you need to help you feel ready to work towards the goals you set.

So much of what you hear and see (and what adult women see and hear, too) centers around unrealistic beauty and unattainable goals.

We are striving to show that there is no goal out of reach if you are prepared to work for it;  that there is beauty in the unique and while there is a wonderful sense of pride in appreciating the unique beauty that is yours, there is a need for healthy and sensible choices.

Unlimited is how we want all women to feel about the future.

Unlimited is what we think when we look at you.