Comic Relief Writers


Chloe Jeffreys, originally born into royalty, was kidnapped as a baby by two horny teenagers and raised as a poor white child in a government housing project in Louisville, Kentucky. At 23, after making a series of really terrific life decisions, Chloe met and married the love of her life while living in a drug rehab facility. A highly-decorated veteran in the Mommy Wars, Chloe’s children are both now officially grown. Since they are self-supporting, and neither live in her basement, Chloe has been crowned the reigning “Queen of the Mommies”. Gifted with an almost magical ability to inadvertently push people’s buttons, Chloe–one of those rare liberal Christians that Fox News tells you doesn’t exist–now shares her insouciant wit and penetrating personal insight at Chloe of the Mountain. You can also find her holding court on Twitter @ChloeJeffreys, or posting her compelling status updates from her award-winning Facebook page .


Amy Bradley-Hole writes about the freakishness of her not-so-perfect life at Freaky Perfect. She eats too much, sleeps too much, drinks too much, talks too much and plays on the internet too much, but she has fun doing it. She is also an attention whore who lives for comments.




What can you say about The Suniverse? She is: Liberal. Impatient. And profane. No. Seriously. Really, really foul-mouthed. The Suniverse has spent lo these many years perfecting her use of swear words and writing in the third person. She dispenses advice monthly at Funny not Slutty, writes weekly at her own blog, The Suniverse, and is always on Twitter. She is also available for children’s parties, senior citizen dances and bat mitzvahs. The Suniverse enjoys creating an aura of mystery, if only so People Magazine will stop hounding her about being the Sexiest Man of the Year. She is also on Facebook, but isn’t sure why.


Julie C. Gardner is a former English teacher (no, she wasn’t fired. probably) and aspiring author who regularly embarrasses herself, her long-suffering husband and her two teenagers on Twitter and at her blog, By Any Other Name. In addition to writing for Aiming Low, Julie spends her vast amounts of spare time Googling the ages of former child-television stars and weeping when she realizes she’s older than they are.


Michelle Lamar is the mother of two fabulous teenage daughters. She is a Pug lover who is obsessed with the ocean and the beach and a geek who works at @spiral16 for her day job while writing at Aiming Low and @Huffington Post. Michelle is addicted to her iPhone and is on a life long quest to find the perfect margarita.



Tracy Beckerman writes the humor column and blog, LOST IN SUBURBIA®, which is syndicated to over 400 newspapers and on 250 related websites to about 10 million readers. She is the author of the book, “Rebel without a Minivan,” and her next book, a “Momoir,” will be published in early 2013. Tracy has appeared on The Today Show, The CBS Early Show, Better TV, LX NY, and CBS Sunday Morning and does stand-up comedy about how to be a cool mom in the suburbs. Yes, she knows that is an oxymoron. She has won a Writer’s Guild of America Award and a New York EMMY® for her writing, is a past recipient of the Erma Bombeck Humor Writers Award and a National Society of Newspaper Columnists award and was selected as America’s Top Blogger by The Balancing Act on Lifetime Television.  She speaks frequently at conferences about nothing in particular.