Pope Francis answers Vogue’s Proust questionnaire

Image via theguardian.com

The world’s most adorable and lovable Pope sat down with us for a rare interview. Nicknamed “the People’s Pope,” he has quickly become beloved everywhere for his kindness (he like kids!), compassion (he kisses the afflicted), his humility (he sleeps in the Vatican’s guest house!), and open-mindedness (gay people will only go to hell if [...]

The Blog Post That Wasn’t

It's going well then

Just your average weekday afternoon with a looming post deadline. I can DO THIS. I can write my post for Aiming Low.  No sweat. I’m pretending my daughter is napping and have ALL THE PLAYDOH strewn out across our dining room table for my son. It should keep him busy for at least 8 minutes. [...]

Is It Just Me?


Am I the only one who gets pissed off to the point of veins popping out of my neck when people share things on Facebook that haven’t been checked? A lot of it is stupid and mindless, but there are some that scare the bejeezus out of people. These are the dire warnings. Recently I [...]

5 Annoying Things in Healthcare


Listen. I love doctors, really. Well, most of them anyway. I mean we have a few that have saved our kids’ lives, so yes, we love us some doctors. We don’t, however, love waiting in their waiting rooms (one of many pictured above), or horrible offices, or to deal with the consequences of stupid mistakes. [...]