Aiming Low Does Good: Heavy Lifting, Pushing and Praying

During the month of February, Aiming Low Does Good is taking a closer look at physical disabilities and the people who live with them.  Our goal in telling their stories is to encourage you to do what you can, when you can, to make everyday life more accessible to everyone. Today’s post is written by [...]

Living With A Physical Disability: A Snapshot

Aiming Low Does Good is talking about physical disabilities and mobile impairments throughout the month of February.  It’s our hope that making someone else’s story more visible for you will motivate you to do your part to make everyday life more accessible for everyone. This is Anissa’s story.  Or rather, a very small part of [...]

February Spotlight: Physical disabilities and mobile impairments

It’s listed in every baby book as an inevitable milestone, because the question is not if but when. Because surely, we will all walk. And yet, we don’t.  And even if we do have first steps memorialized in a book somewhere, we don’t always retain the basic ability that we take for granted as eternal.  Some people [...]

How To Help A Friend Who Is Being Abused

All month, Aiming Low Does Good has been focused on supporting Violence Unsilenced and efforts to support victims and survivors of domestic abuse.  We’ve shared how you can support the VU website and how you can help domestic abuse victims in your local community. Today we want to take one step even closer and look at what you [...]

How To Help Domestic Abuse Survivors In Your Community

All during the month of January, Aiming Low Does Good is shining the spotlight on Violence Unsilenced and efforts to support victims and survivors of domestic abuse.  Last week, we talked about how you can support the VU website and help break the cycle of silence that makes domestic abuse possible. Today I’d like to [...]

Violence Unsilenced: Supporting Domestic Abuse Survivors

Most of us have heard the statistics before. One in every four women will experience domestic violence in her lifetime. Chances are that domestic violence has affected you or someone you know in some way, regardless of your race, age, economic status, sexual orientation or gender.  Domestic violence touches all of our lives, which is [...]

Announcing: Aiming Low Does Good!


With a name like Aiming Low, it should be no surprise that we do a lot of goofing off around here. We laugh, make dirty jokes, and make bets about what we can convince you to put on your face. But among all the laughter, you’ll find real people who live in the real world. [...]

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