I almost dialed 911

The pressure in my head was building, causing spots in my vision. The location was odd, above my ears on both sides. I could feel my heartbeat pulsing through the pain. What should I do? Take Motrin? Lie down? Call Hubby? Call an ambulance? 10 minutes went by and I thought, I’ve had coffee. It’s [...]

I’m Just Lazy Like That

When I heard about the concept of aiming low I was intrigued. I wanted to submit a post because who more than me aims low- but about what? It took me a good 5 seconds before I got it. Sweeping. Oh how I loathe it. I look at that broom in all of its bristle [...]

How A CrazedMommy Cleans Her Child’s Room

(On a SUNDAY, no less!!) Step 1: Tell children it’s time to clean their rooms. Watch kids scatter.

Not a bad mom… Just Aiming Low

When I stumbled upon Aiming Low I was, well, relieved.  I love Anissa.  I love Janet.  Therefore I am sheep. There was that whole “bad mom” hullabaloo recently.  It didn’t resonate with me.  Perhaps because of the verbage.  I cannot embrace it.  There are certain things in parenting that I have incredibly high standards on [...]

I don’t have time to post.

Seriously, I don’t. Why? Well…. I have an unnecessarily stressful full-time job in publishing, And a 7 year old son, who is also unnecessarily stressful, in addition to being unnecessarily a lot of other things, including: messy, hungry, forgetful, interested in completing death-defying stunts involving household furnishings, and smart. Seriously, he answers questions on Jeopardy [...]

Gay Candor and a 7 Year Old

I’m a mom. One of three mothers my daughter will claim. And no, it’s not a Big Love situation; we are not polygamists. I overheard this while she was on the swings with another little 7 year old, “I’ve got three moms. I know I probably confused you, people get confused. My moms used to [...]

Why Kendall might be sorry I work at her middle school…

I have a beautiful floral skirt. It has many folds of light-weight fabric that swish when I walk and is very feminine. I was wearing it today when I used the restroom after school and then rushed off to help Kendall put on her makeup for the musical (encore performance). I walked against the flow [...]

The Three Day Weekend!

In our first week live we have learned some very important things about you people: 1.  I seriously doubt the pajama industry is feeling ANY effects of the economic downturn because, DUDE, we like to have some variety when we lounge in ours all day! 2.  You like us, you really like us and for [...]