My Name is Robin Plemmons & These Are Fun Words To Yell


Hello, people on Earth who are reading these words. The last time I was talking on your screen, I got a little serious about inhaling & exhaling for peace. So to balance that out, here is something stupid & entirely obnoxious. I know I said that THERE WILL BE DANCING (& maybe corn dogs) but apparently [...]

The Aiming Low Inner Sanctum

Radio Station

So this is the place!  The Aiming Low inner sanctum.  I’ve always wondered what it was like in here. I’ve been looking through the windows from the Guest Post room. Longingly. Hang on a moment while I have a look around. Wow…they’ve got snacks in here. Hershey’s from NonCon…I’ll just stuff these peanut butter cups [...]

My Name is Robin Plemmons & This is a Vlog About Breathing


Hello, friends on the internet! Last week I gave you jiggly nonsense. This week I thought I’d give you some skills for living. I also show you a picture of my large baby & talk about your potentially tense butt hole. Next week? THERE WILL BE DANCING & maybe some corn dogs. Thank you for [...]

My Name is Robin Plemmons & This is a Vlog.

Photo on 12-20-12 at 11.13 PM #3

Hello! I’m Robin Plemmons & this is the start of a beautiful thing. I will be vlogging here at Aiming Low every week & bringing all sorts of video nonsense to your screen. This one is an edited compilation of my many failed attempts of introducing myself, along with little snippets of me dancing deliriously [...]

About Special Blend

from the blog

I like to move furniture. My husband would come home to completely different setup from the one he’d left that morning. I loved trying new ways that looked better and ways to make the most out of the space we had. This was before Ikea brought it’s meatballs and allen wrenches into my world. Since [...]