The Pumpkin Patch Can Suck It


To celebrate harvest time, let’s all pay money to work in the fields!

The Friends You’ll Meet on the Internet

liz and julia

For years in really, real life, I had to listen  as friends told me the Interwebz people I talked to were not people but screen names. It’s a good thing I never listened because last week I was booby flashed by two of those “not real people” and my partner was insta-jealous. He now 100% believes screen [...]

Born to Be Wild


I went to the Aiming Low NonCon with the expectation that I would network with other bloggers and pick up some helpful blogging tips at the same time. I could have never predicted that I would leave the weekend as a Wildlife Photographer. I went into the wilderness of rural Georgia, where cell phone coverage [...]

Election is Not a Dirty Word (Unless You Have a Speech Impediment)

Just stick it in the slot. (That's what she said.)

The day I turned 18, my father took me down to the local courthouse to register me to vote. This was supposed to be both a symbolic gesture illustrating my role in our democracy and a touching father-daughter bonding experience, but it’s perhaps most meaningful when presented with the following tidbits of information: -I didn’t [...]

Blogging Makes You Famous. Not.


  If you’re writing your blog because you have grandiose dreams of being the most popular girl (or guy, or guy in drag), I’m here to tell you that you can just toss that wish-bag of uncertain promises aside. If you’re not writing from the heart, people won’t give a damn enough for you to [...]

How I Overcame My Own Homophobia

I saw the light

I was a teenage homophobe. Admit it: you were too.

Ode to the Tattoo I Would Be Having Removed Right About Now

This coulda been me

The tattoo I would have gotten if I were just slightly more responsible.

Keep Your Schnitzel in Your Carry-On, and Other Travel Tips

How to stay "frisch" on a train

A touching story of transcending cultural and linguistic barriers.

The Traveling Estonian Salesman


Recently I had a door to door salesmen call on me. Since I live rural, this is not a common occurrence. Jergen, a nice young man from Estonia, scared the hell out of me when he rang my doorbell. He explained that he was a student spending his summer in the United States pedaling children’s [...]

Escape from LaGuardia

Ladies and Gentleman? This shit is not going to happen any time soon.

Here’s my BlogHer recap: our party was awesome, I had fun, sleep is for sad bears, and Journey remains my “go-to” for karaoke. Now, let’s bitch about the flight delay from NYC to Memphis on Sunday after the conference. Never, in all of my travel history have I had an experience so incredibly screwed as [...]

What To Do If You See A Dude At A Mom Blogging Conference

Avoid this.

Don’t feed the dadbloggers.

What’s Your Horrible Summer Job Story?


Did you ever have a crappy summer job as a kid? Of course not. You were interning for the World Health Organization or volunteering at Children’s Hospital. Right.