The Subtext of a Text

I hear that familiar bleep sound from my beloved blackberry (don’t hate me) and I find myself reaching into my bra strap while I was rounding the last isle towards the checkout in our local market. Only two people saw me, only one had a smirk. I check it, the phone still warm from its [...]

A Flaming Grab Bag of Goodness

Of course I know that I’m supposed to want to take care of myself. That’s why I get annoyed when well meaning people (read: mother) incessantly tell me I need to take care of myself. I.KNOW.UGH.GAWD. What mom doesn’t want to accept people don’t know, is that I’m in the midst of a full on [...]

Scope on the Rocks: December’s Horoscope for Low Aimers

Starting right here, right now, Aiming Low is hosting a monthly horoscope column so that you will know which days are safe for you–dear little low-aiming Leos and Scorpions and Bulls and whatnot–to venture into the big, bad world and swirling galaxy of acid triptastic wonders outside of the safety of your cocoon-like bed. It’s tough out there [...]

I’m Supposed To Talk Nice About Everyone (Key Phrase Being “Supposed”)

There was this fabulous moment with the new writers where we contemplated the first new posts. Should they write a “Hello!”, acknowledge they were part of a brand new chapter, tell the world that they chose to write in their underwear and to the music styling of Karen Carpenter. Um. Well. If you want to. [...]

Angels at Kroger

Today I have a very special tribute to three individuals at Kroger whose names I dont even know. But you made a difference in my life, and I want to spend a minute acknowledging you today. You see, on Sunday, as my wife worked hard to help the sick children in her care at the [...]