See those beady little eyes staring at me? Watching my every move? I always feel like, Somebody's watching meeeee...

I’ll admit it. I’m not exactly a huge fan of spiders. You see, dear neighbors, that’s not the latest dance crazy I’m doing on the porch every morning when I’m taking the kids to the bus stop. That’s me getting trapped in a gigantic spider web and getting the HEEBY JEEBIES and attempting to get [...]

Youse Guys Is Alive And Well

Yeah, it's only Merriam-Webster, but it's still a dictionary.

Or is it you’s guys? I’m not really sure, but however you spell it, it’s proof that the English language can still be bastardized by lazy, apathetic assholes that don’t feel the need to actually learn how to speak, write, or read properly. I suppose it’s because they know that they can get their point [...]

Adventures with Vibrators


I Wanna See You Be Brave

Sara Bareilles

Confession: I have a huge girl crush on singer-songwriter Sara Bareilles. She is uber cute and I totally want to be BFFs with her. For the past couple of weeks I have listened to her album The Blessed Unrest at least once a day. Sometimes twice. I am completely obsessed with her song Brave. It’s [...]

10 Things I Love about You


There are 10 things I wish for the young women in my life. These are the things I want all women to possess. 1. Your authenticity. 2. Your honesty. 3. You never put up with people treating you poorly. 4. I love how you love people. 5. You love to learn about any and everything. [...]

Dear People

aiming low unicorns

Every so often I post a Dear People thing on my blog, because over time, my curiousity (or irritation) accumulates in what I see out in the world. Here’s my current noticables: Dear Front Office Person, Customer Service Person, Person Selling Me Food, Is it possible that someone who is servicing me could not chew [...]

Find What Feels Right for You. Then Fly.


My daughter Quinnlin is eleven. It’s a big eleven. She’s testing her limits, gaining new interests and trying new things. In exploring new things she is trying makeup and learning a lot in the process. She’s watched countless videos by the KrazyCrayCray and the late Talia Joy. I’ve been giving her and letting her buy [...]

Failure: A Lesson in Disguise


Those cupcakes up there? The ones with the heart shaped strawberries? I thought they looked quite pretty. As for taste, I gave them a big thumbs down. They ended up on my list of recipes that I thought were going to be good but ended up turning out to be complete failures. You would think [...]

The Story of One Woman’s Tramp Stamp


It was college. My parents weren’t physically there, peering over my shoulder, but I could feel the heavy weight of their metaphorical presence giving me the stink-eye and telling me to really think about this, Stephanie. So, I thought about it. And my then-boyfriend said he wanted to pay for it. So I thought some [...]

Back-to-School Mommy Survival Kit


Back-to-school, that time of year when we are all running around like chickens with our heads cut off trying to search for the holy grail of school supplies, maybe we are going about this all wrong? Screw French water paints that glow in the dark in the full moon, the Marsha Brady vintage dockers for [...]

You’ve Got Nothing to Prove


The Doubleclicks are an awesome musical duo made up of sisters Angela and Aubrey Webber. Their music is folky, witty, sometimes geeky, and all around fun. One of my favorites is Oh, Mr. Darcy. [Side note: What is it about Mr. Darcy that makes me swoon? He’s totally jerky in most of Pride and Prejudice. [...]

My Authentic Self. Which One?


I’m as spiritual as the next new-ager, but I’m struggling with the life charge to find and live as your “authentic self.” For my non-spirit-seeking friends that means, dig deep inside, find your ugly truths and live them. To take it further; outer reality is illusion and only what we know and feel inside, is [...]