Phantom Phone Pain and the Unplugged Monday


What happens when you are without your iPhone for over 24 hours?

How I Overcame My Own Homophobia

I saw the light

I was a teenage homophobe. Admit it: you were too.

Ode to the Tattoo I Would Be Having Removed Right About Now

This coulda been me

The tattoo I would have gotten if I were just slightly more responsible.

Keep Your Schnitzel in Your Carry-On, and Other Travel Tips

How to stay "frisch" on a train

A touching story of transcending cultural and linguistic barriers.

Escape from LaGuardia

Ladies and Gentleman? This shit is not going to happen any time soon.

Here’s my BlogHer recap: our party was awesome, I had fun, sleep is for sad bears, and Journey remains my “go-to” for karaoke. Now, let’s bitch about the flight delay from NYC to Memphis on Sunday after the conference. Never, in all of my travel history have I had an experience so incredibly screwed as [...]

What to Do When You Disagree with a Blog Post


Welcome to the Internet! While you are browsing, you may find personal blog posts that you don’t agree with, don’t find funny, or you otherwise don’t understand. Here is a handy guide on what to do when this happens. Option A (Our most popular Option! Used by billions of sane, smart people with regular lives!) [...]

What To Do If You See A Dude At A Mom Blogging Conference

Avoid this.

Don’t feed the dadbloggers.

What’s Your Horrible Summer Job Story?


Did you ever have a crappy summer job as a kid? Of course not. You were interning for the World Health Organization or volunteering at Children’s Hospital. Right.

Is Lying Necessary to Navigate High School?


My daughter starts high school next year. When we watched Mean Girls together this weekend, I assured her the movie was exaggerated. I am pretty sure, fairly certain and almost convinced she won’t be eaten alive. So far, she has escaped with very little girl drama dampening her early teenage experience. The frozen yogurt runs [...]

Texting for Evil


I recently had the pleasure of traveling with Anissa Mayhew (our fearless leader) to the #140Conf in NYC and the Type-A Parent conference (#typeacon) in Charlotte. I KNOW! It was a whole week and we did super together. She only got mad at me once but it was completely a stranger’s fault. And I might have [...]

The 10 Commandments of Blogging

Fine, I shalt not covet The Bloggess' Google Analytics numbers. *sigh*

1. I am thy Blogger, but that does not make me thy God, even if I have 100K Twitter followers and 786 comments on a post that was nothing but a photo of a Tater Tot casserole I made for dinner with the caption “Got Tots?” (Shut up, that meme is totally coming back.) 2. [...]

Do Dogs Reflect Their Owners? If So, I’m Screwed

Be thankful I didn't use a picture of dog poop on the carpet. I have many.

Have your dogs reflected different stages of your life?