5 Things I Wish My Best Friend Had Told Me in High School

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I’m not sure how I managed this, but somehow I’ve gone and scheduled myself to write one of the first posts on Miss Unlimited, Aiming Low’s new channel for teen girls. This channel is pretty special to me because a) I was a teen girl NOT THAT LONG AGO and b) my daughter will be a [...]

Letter to My 13-Year-Old Self

Letter to my 13 year-old self

Dear 13-year-old self, You are beautiful even with a mouth full of silver. Don’t hide your smile in freshman gym class. Smile big and hard with those big shiny braces, because one day that smile will light up the world for two of the most incredible little people that you will ever know.

How To Be Popular


Popularity. (pop-ewe-lair-it-ee) 1.The state or condition of being liked or admired by many people. We all, at some time or another, want to be the popular girl. But how? How do we win people over or even get noticed? When I was in high school most of the “cool” crowd gained their “fame” because they [...]

Welcome to Miss Unlimited


Miss Unlimited is geared towards the young women of the world. We know that you, as an influence in her life, have a very big responsibility—whether you want it or not. We always strive to be non-gender and non-age specific with Aiming Low. That is obviously not the case here. We want it to be [...]