A Letter From Camp: Hello Mothuh, Hello Fathuh…


Going to camp this summer? Just remember that when things go wrong, you can always call for reinforcements. Dear Mom and Dad, I hope you get this letter quickly. I need you to come and pick me up at camp. Like right away! You see…there have been a few setbacks this year.  First there was [...]

Do It Yourself? You Can Totally Nail It!

Nicole Curtis of "Rehab Addict". Fixin' it with the big boys.

HGTV is my husband’s worst nightmare. Not only does he deal with the unrealistic, grandiose and idyllic wish lists of his clients as an Architect and builder, but when he comes home, there I am, immersed in a twelve hour marathon of “Rehab Addict”. Have you seen this show? Maybe home renovation shows are a [...]

Changing your mind can be good, too.


There are some people that think that changing your mind means indecision and that it’s bad. Why? Why would anyone think that changing your mind about what you want is a bad thing? People do, though. In part, it may stem from an older generation (or two) that believe we should “know” where we’re going, [...]

Living in Fear

stop living in fear

In the wake of everything that happened this month I paused and thought long and hard about a lot of things. It’s twisted and can be very dark at times. We hear horror stories of bombings, killings and molestations on the news. Too many for my taste. It reminds me daily of the sick world [...]

Changing Your Mind

this way, that way

Every day we’re faced with a million different decisions. Often times these decisions can put us in a state of quandary. What should I wear? Do I need lip gloss? Oatmeal or cereal? Should I join the mock trial team? Should I do my homework on Friday right after school so that I don’t have [...]

MU Teen: Who Do You Want to Be?

box girl

If you could do anything that you wanted to do with your future without regarding the financial costs or the resources needed, what would it be? Think about it – what passion would you indulge? Do you want to be an artist, a teacher, a scientist, a doctor, a CEO? Anything and everything that you [...]

Girl Power: So Much More Than a Catch Phrase

1990something. Letting my Female Flag Fly

A lot has been said about Girl Power in the last several years and I say it’s high time. Mostly, the term has become a media catch phrase  applied to women in rock in celebration of their achievements at being able to…well…rock. This is a subject that has dogged me most of my life. As [...]

Attitude is Everything


Attitude is everything. We hear that phrase so often and for good reason. I am a firm believer that your attitude can either make or break a situation. It is entirely up to you. Not too long ago my husband and I decided to attend Passport Day in the USA. For those who don’t know [...]

MU Teen: Well-Behaved Women Seldom Make History

well behaved women seldom history

In my Grandmother’s day here in Ireland, women didn’t drink or smoke. Drinking was a staple of manhood, and the most enduring liver would be alpha-male of his town. Therefore, most of the couples she remembers consisted of a well-mannered teetotaler and a raging alcoholic. These were dark days, and although alcoholism remains a major problem [...]

MU Teen: My New Adventure

rear view

It has fallen into my lap recently the opportunity to move half way across the country for a promotion at work. Even though this is the most amazing things to happen to me in my 18 years, it is also one of the most stressful. Now, I’ve never moved on my own before, but I [...]

Who Owns Your Body?


Six months, maybe a year ago I saw a news report on how the Internet has equalized the playing field in the imagery of a sexual nature that is available to all teens and young adults. Meaning, porn is available to everyone, at all times! What does that mean? The reporter said that it makes [...]

A Treatise on Geekdom

Live long, and prosper

I am a sci-fi geek. Though I did not always embrace this part of me, deep down, I knew. The Geeks shall inherit the Earth. Or more likely, a similar but significantly better Earth-like planet in Alpha Centauri. I digress. What I’m getting at is it’s okay to love this stuff. Secretly and not-so-secretly, everybody [...]