Find What Feels Right for You. Then Fly.


My daughter Quinnlin is eleven. It’s a big eleven. She’s testing her limits, gaining new interests and trying new things. In exploring new things she is trying makeup and learning a lot in the process. She’s watched countless videos by the KrazyCrayCray and the late Talia Joy. I’ve been giving her and letting her buy [...]

Failure: A Lesson in Disguise


Those cupcakes up there? The ones with the heart shaped strawberries? I thought they looked quite pretty. As for taste, I gave them a big thumbs down. They ended up on my list of recipes that I thought were going to be good but ended up turning out to be complete failures. You would think [...]

Don’t Be a Twerk

Miley for Aiming Low

O.M.G! Enough about the Miley Cyrus incident at the MTV VMA’s…which was, btw, so last week! Hasn’t enough been said already a million times? (In fact, Miley herself gave us the stats with two middle birdies waving in our collective faces). Yes. A resounding YES! But…this is my piece of the net today and it’s the one [...]

You’ve Got Nothing to Prove


The Doubleclicks are an awesome musical duo made up of sisters Angela and Aubrey Webber. Their music is folky, witty, sometimes geeky, and all around fun. One of my favorites is Oh, Mr. Darcy. [Side note: What is it about Mr. Darcy that makes me swoon? He’s totally jerky in most of Pride and Prejudice. [...]

How old would you be?


It’s a question that I’ve been pondering a lot lately. How old would I be if I didn’t know how old I was? For a long time, I thought of myself as older than I was… pretty much through my 20′s. I don’t know if it was because I had a lot of friends that [...]

Let’s Talk about Sex, Baby

The work of Robin Plemmons

There was recently a post that went viral, Dear Daughter, I Hope You Have Awesome Sex. I have to say, I loved it. Go ahead, we’ll wait. If you don’t want to click over, or don’t have time, the general idea behind the letter to this man’s daughter is that he hopes she enjoys everything life has [...]

Septic Field Of Dreams


The neighbors got an in ground pool this summer. You know what we got? A septic field. “Oh sure” you’re probably thinking, “anyone can have an in ground pool. But a septic field – now that’s something to celebrate!”. And listen – I’m celebrating so freaking hard, it’s like Kool & the Gang wrote that tripe just for me. Let [...]

Finding Joy

13 - 2

One day while I was working on a blog post, my 4-year-old was watching Return to Never Land. While Jane was flying for the first time I happened to glance at my daughter. She was so awed by this that her smile literally stretched from ear to ear. The look on her face was one [...]

5 Ways To Combat the Back To School Blues

back to school

Well, it happened. I walked into Target and found the dreaded display. Don’t be coy with me, you know which one I’m talking about. The Back To School display. Thank Goddess it’s in the back of the store so it can be avoided on some level. But the signage hits us at the entryway to [...]

Oooh Baby, Baby It’s a Mad World


Photo: YankeeJim Where is the forgiveness? I ask you – where is the understanding? It would be so easy to turn the other cheek – to say “Ah, that’s okay” and move on. Some people do. But I’m noticing a lot of people will make you pay for your indignities toward society, however insignificant. And [...]

Fandoms for Everyone


A few months ago I attended my first Hawaii Geek Meet. The Hawaii Geek Meet is an annual event where people of various fandoms come together, eat lots of food, and just hang out. It’s a very casual affair, with a couple of medieval fencing demonstrations thrown in. The fandoms that were represented were quite [...]

First World Problems, 2nd Edition #FWP


Oh, how I’ve longed to share this ridiculous list of my and my friends’ First World Problems. Having only one other post from me with #FWP I’ve decided this could be a regular occurrence since so many things are annoying; like how my husband (new to Twitter) said, “I don’t get this, what is the [...]