Survivor Heroes and Villians Recap, Week Five: ‘I Got the Message Brother, We Will Go When I’m Ready.’

Another week passes and missing last weeks recap really sucked. It was an awesome episode that included the first jaw-dropping blindside of the season. And it was delivered by none other than country boy JT. With his vote aligned with Colby and Tom, Cirie was sent back to civilization. I think it was good to [...]

Fun with Captions!

Think you can do better? Share your wittiest captions in the comments. If you make me pee my pants, you totally win!

Survivor Heroes and Villains Recap, Week Three: ‘That Girl is Like a Virus’

The Heroes are down in the dumps after the last tribal council. But immediately on returning to camp James defuses the situation by saying “we got to stop losing people… am I saying it wrong?” Tom just says that there is a lot of frustration and James could have been gentler, but after some bro [...]

Reality Has No Place in Our World

I’ve never seen an entire episode of “Oprah.” Or “Survivor.” Or “Big Brother.” I have, however, seen every season of “Gilmore Girls” ten times each. Seriously. I’m addicted. Whenever someone tells me they, too, watch the show I feel an instant connection. You know, the I WANT TO DRY HUMP YOUR LEG connection. Luckily for [...]

Survivor Heroes and Villains Recap, Week Two: ‘Social Kryptonite’

We go straight to the Villains tribe enduring their third night on the beach without shelter. It’s raining and the whining is pouring from many of the gaping pieholes in the tribe. Tyson whines about “The only thing ‘paradise’ about this hell hole is leaving it.” Be careful what you whine for Whiney McTyson. How’s [...]

Survivor Heroes and Villains Recap, Week One: “I’m a Gangster in an Oprah Suit”

So it begins, the 20th season of Survivor, which means we’ve been eating this stuff up for over a decade. It’s unbelievable that a show born of the loins of a television writers strike would still be going strong. This year they kicked off with a two hour show, so sit back and enjoy the [...]