Easy, Lazy, Glorious Backup Solutions


I know that we Aim Low here, but that’s no excuse for not backing up your computer. In fact, if you are truly aiming low, you’d be backing up your computer daily. Know why? Having a solid backup is a LOT less work than trying to recreate years worth of files and priceless memories after [...]

Use Gmail’s Priority Inbox to Save Time and Do More

gmail top ten

If you’ve read this column before, it’s probably not a surprise to you that I am a hard-core Google fangirl. I love Google Search, Google Reader, Google Apps for Business, Google Plus, Google Books, Google Images, Google’s Android OS … you get the picture. My first love, though, was Gmail. I got my first Gmail [...]

Producteev is Free, Slick and You Might Actually Use It


I’m a big productivity whore. I try out a whole bunch of different tools, all the time, and I tend to switch between them with frequency. Now, you might think that’s not very productive and, frankly, it’s not. So when I found Producteev, with it’s slick interface and pretty buttons and multitude of ways to [...]

Top 10 Ways to Become a Google Search Ninja


I think it’s safe to say that 99.99% of users on the internet know what Google is, and have used Google to search for something at least once. In fact, Googling is so popular that Google is officially a verb in the Webster dictionary. Here on Aiming Low, we tend to Google a lot of [...]

Password Security: Trust me, it’s worth it.


Take a moment to think about all of the information you have and share online. It’s massive. Even privacy hounds share information online. Think of just what your email contains – plenty of identifiable personal information, that’s what. Emails with bank account alerts, online shopping receipts, addresses, phone numbers, password and account confirmations from services all over [...]

And the winner is …. {Logitech Revue with Google TV}

Thanks to Dish Network, Aiming Low was lucky enough to review and give away a Logitech Revue – your ticket to getting Google TV! Drum roll please … it’s time to announce the winner!

WTF is SEO?!


If you have ever written anything online for a personal website or a business, there’s a really good chance that someone was yapping in your ear about “SEO”. You’ve heard things like “Google doesn’t like keyword stuffing!” and “Make sure you put ALT tags on all your images!” and “Your title tag needs to be [...]

ENTER TO WIN a Google TV™: Pretty much the best thing, ever


Welcome to my new bi-weekly column, MommyGeek explains IT all! Expect to hear from me twice a month here at Aiming Low, writing about technology, the internet, gadgets and all manner of geekery with a vocabulary that you can actually understand. I know that sounds suspiciously like learning, but I like to think of it [...]