EZPZ Household Recipe Book


I joined Weight Watchers a couple years ago, and found that if I just stuck to more reasonable portions and eliminated adjusted my fast food cooking habits, I could lose some weight and help my family make healthy choices. Win! I’m pretty cheap though, so I stuck with it for a couple of months and didn’t renew. Before I dropped it, I printed as many recipes as I could and threw them into a three ring binder. It’s served us pretty well, but I am ready to take it up a notch and create a family recipe book. Project EZPZ Recipe Book is ON!

14 EZPZ Ways To Help You Not Lose Yo Mutha Effing Mind

Photo 229

IF YOU FEEL LIKE YOU MAY OR MAY NOT LOSE YOUR MIND, PUT YO DANG HANDS UP. Dude. I feel you. I can sense your palms frantically waving back at me through the screen. I can see you ignoring that pile of laundry in the corner. I can smell the Maker’s Mark and American Spirits [...]

HP EZPZ: How To Make Personalized T-shirts For Your Cats, Because It Is Their Favourite Thing

That, my friends, is how you make personalized t-shirts for your cats. This was my first go at it, and it still took me less than half an hour to print, iron, peel, and herd and dress three felines, which makes this little crafty foray a raging success. It also means that I am very talented.

EZPZ How to Decorate Your Trailer

proper campsite

If you’ve ever driven through an RV campground, you know that the real campers personalize their space with decorations. If you’ve ever walked through the camping section of a WalMart, you know that these decorations do not – despite appearances – come cheap. All that plastic adds up, yo! I had given very little thought [...]

HP Printer, There’s No EZPZ Way to Quit You

My Beloved HP 7500a

Dear HP Fancy Schmancy Printer, How I love you. I love you and your bells and your whistles and your super cool scanner and panel thingy that lights up brightly! Even the way you sound is so beautiful…it’s like music to my ever-loving crafty self. Knowing you means that I don’t have to get dressed [...]

EZPZ Father’s Day: Love Don’t Cost Much. And It Isn’t Always A Tie, Either.

Father's Day Photo Gift

Father’s Day is Sunday, June 19.  That’s not tomorrow or anything, but it’s not super far away either. I have a problem.  Correction, had a problem.  This year, my husband and I decided to become grown ups. Gag. To us, being grown up means paying cash for everything and not buying an iPad2 even though [...]

Wine Me And Dine Me The EZPZ Way.

Picture 11

You know what’s super awesome? PRESENTS. You know what’s really super mega awesome? PERSONALIZED PRESENTS. You know what’s really super mega awesome -as-shit with a cherry on top? PERSONALIZED PRESENTS THAT GET YOU DRUNK-ish* But where, oh where would one find all of that awesome in one present?! Well, pay attention because I’m about to [...]

EZPZ: Connect with Friends Near and Far


Like most of you, the internet has made it possible for me to have friends all over the world. Since I am entirely too poor to arrange for regular intercontinental flights, I’ve found a few ways to keep in touch with people outside of the odd e-mail here and there. Here are my top three [...]

EZPZ – Just When You Didn’t Think Facebook Could Get More Addictive…

facebook logo

In the event your house is a rock, I’ll fill you in on the important stuff. Man created fire. Man discovers communication. Kristen shot J.R. Al Gore invented the Internet. And chances are, even if you lived under the biggest stone out there, you still have a Facebook page. While I enjoy using Facebook as [...]

EZPZ Home Spa for the Recession

Anyone who knows me knows that my favorite place in the entire world is the spa. I even have a favorite spa (The Ritz Carlton Grande Lakes Orlando), because I am that much of a wanna-be pampered princess. I do not, unfortunately, have the lifestyle or household budget to allow frequent trips to the spa. [...]

I met LL Cool J. Here’s photographic evidence!

Scan 111310000

In the depths of our dusty basements & musty closets & messy ass junk drawers lie piles of photographic treasures. They’re like thoroughly embarrassing time capsules that we unearth from time to time. They help give us perspective & insight on where we’ve been & how far we’ve come. They remind us of what our [...]

*EZPZ* The Cast Iron Skillet and the Outdoor Burner: Taking Manly Cooking Beyond the Grill


As I’ve mentioned previously, at our house, we like to have delicious, fresh, home-cooked food that doesn’t require too much labor.  To that end, one staple we like to make sure we have on hand at all times is meat.  Big slabs of high-quality animal tissue.  If you aren’t into gnawing on the flesh of [...]