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Goonie Goo Goo

To: Tricia@emailaddy.com From: YourHairStylist@emailaddy.com You have an appointment for a haircut and wax on Thursday at 10:30 am. Please respond to this email regarding your intention to attend this appointment. ———— To: MyHairStylist@emailaddy.com From: Tricia@emailaddy.com Goonie Goo Goo.   Every five weeks, this is the interaction I have with my hairstylist’s email appointment confirmation service. [...]

Bottom 6 Ways You Are Annoying On Social Media


I’m trying so hard. So hard not to be annoyed by all of the silliness on the many social media platforms I follow. But for the love of sweet Darius Rucker, people keep doing stupid shit, so I’m going to have to point it out. Not that anyone will listen. I wouldn’t. But that’s because [...]

Top 6 Ways You Are Annoying on Social Media

Since I’m a blogger and a media junkie, I’m online more than a lot. I’ve lovingly compiled this list of things you should reconsider sharing on social media, because they are annoying. You’re welcome. 1. Combining your significant other’s name with yours as a facebook name. You aren’t conjoined twins, KatieandMichael Jones. If you are [...]

Bad to the Bone

We steady rollin', they hatin'...

Since this is my first post for Aiming Low, you might be wondering exactly how big of a badass I am. Lemme just tell you. I’m the baddest badass you’ll ever meet. For example, last week I drove my ten-year-old minivan to the gas station. My husband recently used my vehicle to transport a jillion [...]