About Liz Henry

Liz Henry is the hellraiser behind, The Six Year Itch. She's a big deal over on Twitter because she shaves her chin. And by big deal she means she has a shirt that says "I'm kind of a big deal." Liz is from illadelph, which is Philadelphia but spelled stupid. She was just voted a BlogHer Voice of the Year. Who let that happen?!

Stop Waiting to Be Picked


A few weeks ago, I had to make a call and have a blogging vent session. I feel terrible–but not too awful–that I always choose the same person. “One day,” I told her, “I will have a phone call all about unicorns and rainbows.” And then we laughed. But that was after I had let [...]

The Gluten-Free-Free Thanksgiving

Ah, Thanksgiving. Oh, what will I ever eat? There’s the gravy that’s thickened with cornstarch and turkey that can’t be stuffed with delicious stuffing, and the vegetables must be broccoli and, if my memory from last year is correct, no way in hell can there be macaroni and cheese. Unless that macaroni is hand-pressed from a virgin and is delivered by [...]

How Not to Make a Gratitude List


November, I have decided, will be the month that I give thanks. Usually we reserve the week of Thanksgiving to, you know, give thanks, but this year I think I’ll take the entire month to show my gratitude to all the people who truly made 2012… a huge shit stain on the timeline of epic [...]

The Friends You’ll Meet on the Internet

liz and julia

For years in really, real life, I had to listen  as friends told me the Interwebz people I talked to were not people but screen names. It’s a good thing I never listened because last week I was booby flashed by two of those “not real people” and my partner was insta-jealous. He now 100% believes screen [...]

15 Crappy Halloween Treats That Make My Kid Say Boo


We love Halloween in our house. Plus, we make sure to give out the good stuff: Kit Kats and peanut butter cups. You know, the real chocolate treats. I’ve taught my daughter well the houses on our block that go the extra mile and hand out the big bars. Nothing, on Halloween, beats the real [...]

Fighting This Grown-Up Thing Tooth and Nail

halloween crunch

I think it was the cereal that really let me know I’m fighting this grown up thing tooth and nail. The cereal in question was Captain Crunch with ghost berries that turn your milk green. My kid was kinda excited and I was all: SOLD! It may also be the argyle knee-high socks that I’m [...]

Rock, Meet Hard Place

rock meet hard place

Today I encountered a jerk. Not a troll, not a bully, but someone who didn’t have my best interests in mind. You know the type: mean spirited, a kill joy, a huge pain in my fucking ass. And I was given two choices much like a Robert Frost poem: I could either respond or I [...]

When Other Parents Freak Out


Today another adult cursed out my daughter. Full blown F-bombs and everything. The offense? My daughter and her three new friends from across the street stood at the end of the man’s driveway giggling. And, dare I write it, asked if they could have a stroller that had been left outside for weeks. “GET THE [...]

Back-to-School Photo Wars!


Last week I sent my nine-year-old off to fourth grade. Holy shit, folks! My kid is a dinosaur in blogging years. Beyond the fact that I have succeeded in not smothering her to death or leaving her somewhere or putting her up for auction on KidBay (shhh, only we know it’s not real), I can’t believe how [...]

SPONSORED: I Haven’t Had a Vacation in 10 Years


St. Lucia had me at “give us your body and we’ll give you back your mind.” I know it sounds naughty and I know there is a joke here, but I am desperate for a vacation. So desperate I can’t find my dirty joke spot. It’s a sad day, folks. I’ve got about 65 million tabs open, [...]

Breast Pumps Instead of Fist Pumps

Screen Shot 2012-08-31 at 2.13.36 PM

I remember exactly where I was when I heard Princess Diana had been killed and when Kurt Cobain had been found dead. Snooki having her baby? Yes, I will always remember this moment. Along the way there have been hiccups, like Snooki walking with an empty stroller filled with beer and the whole tweet heard [...]

Sponsored: Expert Rug Cleaning


Not until I was in my twenties did I find out that I wasn’t the only one with wall-to-wall carpeting. I thought everyone, you know, that wasn’t me had bare floors. And if they didn’t have bare floors, they most certainly knew how and where to get expert rug cleaning. It was ridiculous! I had [...]