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Caitlin, a.k.a MommyGeek, is a member of the iGeneration. This means she’s super into technology, and when the robots take over the world, will either be one of the first killed (she knows too much) or recruited to help enslave you (she knows too much – and sympathizes with the robots). She runs Rent a Geek Mom web design, and writes documentation, tutorials and works as Support at Headway Themes.

Our Kids: The Next Generation*

Child With Laptop by Alan Toniolo de Carvalho

My biggest fear, as a geeky mother, is that in my geekalicious arrogance I will fail to keep up on the latest technologies employed by kids and teens, thus falling dreadfully behind and becoming completely unaware of the dangers lurking in the digital shadows.

How to Choose Your Next WordPress Theme


It’s a new year, and I’m betting a bunch of you are thinking of changing up the theme on your site! If not now, maybe later. There are a few things to consider when choosing a new theme, and if you think about these ahead of time, you’ll save yourself a headache later.

Winners Automate Windows Maintenance


Do you have a Windows computer? If not, you’re laughing at this post and walking away. If you DO, then you’re wondering to yourself a) What is maintenance? Am I supposed to be doing something? or b) That’s a PITA. There’s somewhere in between, folks, and it’s maintenance automation. Automation is awesome, and even if [...]

Making Home Heating/Cooling Efficient & Mindless


Heating and cooling your home efficiently can be a PITA. I just suck at remembering to do it, OK? Right now I am on the waiting list to receive a new product called Nest–it’s the smartest thermostat you’ll ever own. And at $250, it’s actually not *that* crazily priced compare to its competitors (WiFi enabled [...]

Which Smartphone Is For You?


There are three main contenders in the smartphone (i.e. cellphones that are basically little bitty pocket computers! Joy!) market for you to choose from. So when your two-year contract is up, and your cell phone company gives you a free “upgrade” (with another damn two-year renewal), what do you choose?

Top Five Mind Hacks for the New Year

One of my favorite websites, Lifehacker, features a series of “Mind Hacks” that range from cracking me up to making me sit and seriously try them out. In honor of the holidays, the new year and thousands of broken resolutions, here is my Top Ten list of mind hacks to help you out: Distract yourself [...]

Holiday Shopping Guide for the Geek in Your Life


Ahhh, the holidays. Many of you might be related to geeks and, likely, are generally scrambling about what to get them for the holidays.  There are a few major problems with shopping for geeks: You can’t shop months ahead of time, because you’ll be out of date by Christmas, and everything they want is astronomically expensive. [...]

How to Set Up a WordPress Blog in 5 Easy Steps


Blogging is the new “having friends”, or at least that’s what I tell my mother. So! Let’s learn how to set up a WordPress blog so that I we won’t be lonely, hmm?

Zero Inbox: Your Path to Email Nirvana


Today, I saw a tweet that says it all: There are plenty of productivity specialists and thought leaders with email management systems. My favorites by far always center around the concept of zero inbox.  Zero inbox is very simple at it’s core: you (somehow) process all of your email, eventually reaching a point where you have [...]

Use PortableApps on Public Computers to Make Yourself at Home


Have you ever had to borrow a computer, or (gasp) browse for something personal at the office, or generally ever have to use a computer other than your own? You may have noticed that it is really fricking annoying because your sweet friend still uses Internet Explorer 6.0 and doesn’t have a decent music player, [...]

Easy, Lazy, Glorious Backup Solutions


I know that we Aim Low here, but that’s no excuse for not backing up your computer. In fact, if you are truly aiming low, you’d be backing up your computer daily. Know why? Having a solid backup is a LOT less work than trying to recreate years worth of files and priceless memories after [...]

Use Gmail’s Priority Inbox to Save Time and Do More

gmail top ten

If you’ve read this column before, it’s probably not a surprise to you that I am a hard-core Google fangirl. I love Google Search, Google Reader, Google Apps for Business, Google Plus, Google Books, Google Images, Google’s Android OS … you get the picture. My first love, though, was Gmail. I got my first Gmail [...]