Girl Power: So Much More Than a Catch Phrase

1990something. Letting my Female Flag Fly

A lot has been said about Girl Power in the last several years and I say it’s high time. Mostly, the term has become a media catch phrase  applied to women in rock in celebration of their achievements at being able to…well…rock. This is a subject that has dogged me most of my life. As [...]

I Can’t Quit You Pawuhluh


You win Pawuhluh Deeyun. I can’t quit you. You’re a fixture on my beloved Food Network and though I’ve tried to protest since your Type II Diabetes announcement, there you are, making sauce with two sticks o’ butter and your Santa Claus doppleganger hubby, smoochin’ over a steamin’ skillet o’ bacon grease, biscuit gravy runnin’ [...]

This Ain’t Exactly the Nestea Plunge

teabagging cartoon

Recently, while my six year old son was hanging out with my thirteen year old son and his friend, I overheard him blurt out something about tea bagging. What?! I missed the context.  Oh, but I heard “tea bagging”. That, I heard. My head was a jumble of scenarios:  Was he hearing it from his brother? [...]



  “Just do it yourself. How hard can it be? Save some money.” This was my husband’s advice when I suggested the dog’s anal glands needed to be expressed. Was he seriously suggesting the DIY method of canine anal gland expression 101? How much could this cost, anyway? Just a little push and a squeeze. [...]

The Aiming Low Inner Sanctum

Radio Station

So this is the place!  The Aiming Low inner sanctum.  I’ve always wondered what it was like in here. I’ve been looking through the windows from the Guest Post room. Longingly. Hang on a moment while I have a look around. Wow…they’ve got snacks in here. Hershey’s from NonCon…I’ll just stuff these peanut butter cups [...]