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The Christmas Win

You already have the lights out? Total score!

On average during the Christmas season, about five times a day I read the suggestion to “simplify and enjoy the holidays” by “lowering my expectations” and “focusing on the meaning of the season.”  This wisdom is usually followed with a detailed explanation of how to make my own popsicle stick manager scene and give myself [...]

The Blog Post That Wasn’t

It's going well then

Just your average weekday afternoon with a looming post deadline. I can DO THIS. I can write my post for Aiming Low.  No sweat. I’m pretending my daughter is napping and have ALL THE PLAYDOH strewn out across our dining room table for my son. It should keep him busy for at least 8 minutes. [...]

And We Will Never, Ever Vacation Again

It's all fun and cute games until Mommy doesn't get enough sleep

Recently, my husband and I tried to be fun and took our kids to the beach for a week.  As it turned out, we are the antithesis of fun, and it quickly became apparent that beach vacationing may be out of our league.  FAR out of our league. The whole messy business started with packing.  [...]