The Best Food After A Night of Binge Drinking


There are only two reasons I have ever needed food at midnight. Since my youngest child is now 5, it is safe to say my craving for a fourth meal now only happens if I’ve had too much to drink. For me, getting sauced is like my last birthday. Calories don’t count and I’m forever [...]

All I Want For Christmas: A 2013 Kia Sorrento EX AWD


Disclaimer: The vehicle reviewed in this post was provided by Kia, but the opinions are the writer’s own–not Aiming Low’s. After I blamed the hamsters for damaging the wheel of the Kia Soul, I was a little concerned I would be fired from my sweet gig of test driving Kias. Just because there were Cheetos [...]

5 Reasons I Hate Customer Retention Teams


Sandwiched between scheduling a pap smear and getting my oil changed is an item on my to-do list that will likely be the last task accomplished. Actually, it will probably be transferred to the next list I make. While on the surface making a simple phone call may appear to be an easy task, I [...]

Everyone Steals Their Kid’s Halloween Candy, Right?


I can’t be the only one who has lovingly tucked her children into bed, waited out the demands for water and another story, only to creep back for a final loving gaze once they were sleeping. Also, it’s much easier to steal their Halloween candy when they’re unconscious. The three-day sugar binge that accompanies Halloween [...]

5 Sneaky Budget Busters

Me 'n Fred

I married Fred Flinstone. Not only does he have flat feet and a limited wardrobe, he tries to control my spending. In the beginning of our marriage, we were polar opposites on the spending vs saving spectrum. I figured the money he spent only rotating between t-shirts for casual wear and t-shirts with a pocket [...]

A Stay at Home Mom’s Guide to Job Security


When I put my youngest child on the school bus for the first time this year, I had a lump in my throat. Unlike a prison tattoo, the tear in my eye was not permanent. As soon as the big yellow school bus pulled away, I raced to my house, locked the doors and took [...]

2012 Mazda 3 Review: A Great Car for the Younger Generation


I haven’t driven a vehicle with a manual transmission since I was a regular at a joint where beers were a quarter on Thursdays, designated drivers were chosen by rock, paper, scissors, and I spent more money replacing clutches than I did on text books. When I was offered a Mazda 3 with a 6-speed [...]

5 Types of Askholes


We have all been there. The clock is ticking and you’re stuck in an uncomfortable conference room or classroom. The class should have ended an hour ago and you are glaring at the back of the head of a person sitting in the first or second row. Every class has one or two. You can’t [...]

Tips For Surviving Life With A Mean-Age Girl


Before having a teenager I believed PMS was as exaggerated as a swift kick to the nuts. I am not blaming her moodiness entirely on her cycle, but their are plenty of broken eggshells around here due to not treading lightly enough for our newly minted high school freshman. Since she has always been such [...]

10 Overrated Things I’ve Waited In Line For


Today is the first day to buy the iPhone 5. Most likely there will be news coverage of the throngs of people camped out in front of Apple stores waiting to get their hands on the new “it” phone. It seems to me that the end of most long lines are anti-climactic at best, which [...]

How to Survive Introductions In a Group Setting

"Everybody say hooker!"

I met my best friend, Lisa, over 15 years ago. We were stuck in a shitty training class in which were forced to go around the room and introduce ourselves as well as give some inane detail about our lives. When it was Lisa’s turn, she said “Hi, my name is Lisa and I have [...]

2012 Kia Soul: A Car I Can Get With


Disclaimer: The vehicle reviewed in this post was provided by Kia, but the opinions are the writer’s own–not Aiming Low’s. From the moment you see two lines appear on an EPT, it seems like the whole world is pregnant too. Driving a 2012 Kia Soul was like that. It had never even been on my [...]