About DanaT

In a former life, Dana was a high-strung, nervous small dog. Currently, Dana (aka: thekitchwitch) lives and writes in a giant martini glass in the Rocky Mountains. She serves up snark, snacks and horrible mothering advice on her blog (http://thekitchwitch.com). When she is actively not contemplating eating her young. She is currently at work on a patent for the Valium Salt Lick. You can follow her on Twitter (@thekitchwitch) or on Facebook (MissyAngryinanApron).

The Holiday Cocktail You Need!


You know that theory that nothing will survive a nuclear blast except for the cockroach? Well, whoever came up with that theory never met my husband, because he will survive too. He has an immune system made of titanium, I swear. He never gets sick. In fact, I think they need to create a new [...]

Thanksgiving Rant

  I hate Thanksgiving. Men love the holiday: wake up, sit on couch, swill booze, watch football, stuff gaping piehole, retreat to couch.T-day is dandy by them. Females? Not so much. Especially if, like me, you are a  foodie female. I mean, Thanksgiving is all about food. Fuck family and fuck togetherness; it’s about food, [...]