Sex Shop Swinger

sex shop neon lights

I’m sure that most of you have had, or at least have heard about sex.  I’m also going to assume that you know of such things called sex shops, and that they sell all kinds of things to do with sex in them. We used to have a store here in our town that sold sexy [...]

The Strap

This is what I kept hoping for.

We’re in Vegas right now, and I realized I hadn’t made my deadline for next week’s post. I’m in grade five again. Sorry, Mr. Watters. I was the kid who never paid attention to homework details, rules about fighting, rules about kissing girls against their will, or rules about punching holes in the classroom walls. [...]

Chin Up, Gun Nut. Maybe Next Year


The inaugural edition of Gun Appreciation Day was maybe not what everyone involved had hoped for. In case you didn’t know, January 19th, 2013 was the very first Gun Appreciation Day. Combine that with Guns Across America, and you’ve got yourself a right good mess of gun toting, freedom-loving people, showing us that guns are [...]

Look, Daddy-I’m A Writer

There are some similarities.

He doesn’t understand. He probably thinks I should get a good factory job, work there for thirty years, then retire with a good pension. You know, just like he did. Sometimes I wish I could do it, but that would have me retiring at 71. There also aren’t many “good” factory jobs anymore. You’re lucky [...]