About Comic Relief Roster

When a member of Aiming Low has to take a break you know it's a big deal. It could be an environmental catastrophe. A intergalactic supernova. The vodka bottle could be EMPTY!!! We have a great team of writers that hop in place when we are locked in Tahitian prisons we are out with the Chlamydia we are out.. We call these HEROES the "Comic Relief Roster".

A Visit from the Evil Ovulation Fairy

Lost in Suburbia Cover ImageV2

The last thing you need when you are on tour promoting a book is a visit from the evil Ovulation Fairy. I don’t know why I get hit so hard at this particular time of the month. For most women, the monthly fun happens right before the beginning of their period. For me, it happens [...]

An Arresting Groundhog Day


“Mrs. Beckerman?” “Yes.” “Mrs. Beckerman, I’m with the Groundhog Police.” “Oh. How can I help you officer?” “Mrs. Beckerman, we had a report of a Code-G in your backyard.” “A Code-G?” “Yes. Yelling at a Groundhog.” “Really?” “Mrs. Beckerman, your neighbors say that you were threatening a groundhog with harm if he sees his shadow.” [...]

8 Netiquette Tips to Keep You Charming Online


An innocent email or Facebook post can end up being read by one person…or a plethora  of persons. As soon as you hit “post” or “send” or “tweet,” you are giving your words up to the universe. Here are a few tips to make sure the words that define you are good ones.  Don’t make [...]

Dear Spouse…

dirty dishes

Dear Spouse: I appreciate that you shut our bedroom door, our son’s bedroom door, and the bathroom door in the morning so we can stay asleep while you start your morning routine. But could you please stop slamming things shut in said bathroom? Turns out that is not a sound proof room. Dear Spouse: I [...]

An Open Letter To Taylor Swift


Dear Taylor Swift, Hi. I’m just going to come out and say it. I love you. I love your music. I love your style. And I don’t care what anyone else thinks. I think you’re awesome. This 31-year-old stay-at-home mom can’t help but sing along to your catchy tunes while my girls dance around the [...]

Lessons From a Football Coach


As I was staring at my laptop, with a really bad case of writer’s block, my husband sat next to me and started to watch A Football Life: Tom Coughlin. Although I like the Giants (Eli Manning happens to be my NFL boyfriend) I wasn’t really interested in watching it. After about ten minutes of [...]

Get This Laptop to the ER, STAT!


My laptop had a stroke. There were no warning signs. One minute all my gigahertz and jigawatts were working fine, and the next; nothing… nada… zippo. It wasn’t a sniffle or a snort. It was sudden death. Sensing that something really, really bad had happened, I immediately called my local Apple store to make an [...]

A Guide to Surviving The Holidays with Chronic Illness


I’ve written for Aiming Low before about what it’s like to survive stressful times, like, say the entirety of parenthood, with chronic illness. As anyone with a chronic illness like fibromyalgia or lupus, or a dozen other auto-immune disorders knows, the holidays don’t just put themselves off because you’re tired or achy, or because your [...]

Pumpkin Crunch

Screen Shot 2012-12-08 at 6.46.18 PM

My favorite time of the year is right around the corner. Pretty soon I’m going to be belting out some tunes from either “Merry Christmas” by Mariah Carey or “Christmas Portrait” by the Carpenters and making warm spiked chocolate beverages. My floor will be covered with wrapping paper, washi tape, and tons of ribbon. My [...]

9 Things You Will Inevitably Argue About With Your Spouse Once You Have Kids


How much you should actually tell your children about your alcohol use and (ahem) other stuff you did in (ahem) college. How much you should actually tell your SPOUSE about what you did in (ahem) college. How many times your four year-old can sleep in your bed after he has a bad dream. 2, 3 [...]

So Now I Use Rogaine

Yes, I finally took a photo of myself in the mirror using my phone. I must be the only person ever to do this clothed.

Back in April the woman who cuts my hair dropped the hammer. She suggested we start to leave it a little longer on top. Turns out my hair is thinning. It’s just not as thick and luxurious as once was. I didn’t really pay attention until this weekend. I was heading out and needed to [...]

Christmas Counseling with the Kringles


Host: “Hello everybody. Welcome back to the show. Our guests today come to us all the way from the North Pole. Please welcome Mr. and Mrs. Claus.” [Light applause.] “Now, the Claus’s may seem like a special couple, but underneath those matching red suits, he’s a working guy and she’s a stay-at-home wife just like [...]