The Case for Cohabitation


I was raised with a long list of conservative Dos and Don’ts of life. I abided by most. The ones that made sense, “don’t let your lips touch the spigot when drinking from a public water fountain,” were easy to follow. The questionable ones, “stay away from that mentally unstable girl/boy that always gets into [...]

Reasons I Can’t Leave My Husband Alone With the Children and a Viewing Screen


My husband is one of thousands of fathers who suffer from a condition that has caused packed suitcases, slammed doors, and nights of sleeping on the couch. He is a stable, moral, and well meaning parent; as I believe are most of those afflicted with this illness. Because of his condition, my children have been exposed [...]

A Meal Is Just A Possession Away


Everyone needs a partner in crime. If that partner in crime also helps you stay fed, time to get on your knees and thank the stars above. My PIC was my brother, that’s the beauty of a dysfunctional family. Together, we kept ourselves alive during some lean, hungry years.