7 Steps to Writing a Killer Blog Post


Are you serious about writing? Do you want to know how to get those words down, polished and with your deadline met, leaving your editor with her hands poised over her keyboard begging you for more, more, more? I can’t help you with any of that, but I can tell you how to get a blog [...]

Apparently, I Make Movie-Watching Insufferable


Every Saturday night, I relax by going to see a movie. Movies are my drug, my escape from everything; the one thing that I fall into head first and enter as if it were a door held open to an alternate reality. All that to say, yeah, movies? I just don’t watch them, I live [...]

In Sickness and In Snores


Dear Aiming Low Readers (and fellow Writers), You are known worldwide as the internet wizards of dispensing advice. I am at a fork in the road of my life, and need your help. I’ve tried mind-mapping all possible solutions to my dilemma, and then while awake last night at 3 a.m., I realized the most [...]

Fun With Phobic Efficiency


Like most kids, I had some quirks *coughlotsofthem.* For instance, I had about thirty phobias. All assorted; none of any one particular type. Some perilous and founded, others nothing that a quick prayer didn’t cure. How I amassed these phobias was simple–whereas someone else might hear of a frightful situation and move on, my mind [...]

New School Year Resolutions


This fall is my ten year anniversary of having kids in school. I like to look at it that way; it’s preferable to the more accurate anniversary, the tenth year of me trying to fit into my kids’ school.   My worries over trying to figure out the secret password into the club of Happy [...]

What To Do About Your Strong Feelings


Emotions are something every one of us has every single day. Some feelings are strong, some mildly inciting, some meh. I do all right with the mildly conjuring-up-feelings emotion, I sail through the meh moments, but when I’m walloped in the temples by something that sends my diastolic numbers pounding through the velcro cuff, I [...]

Amateur Life-Coaching Tips


As I gave my three boys another awesome life lesson today, I thought, Why should my children be the only ones blessed to dip from my vast well of knowledge? Being as old as the trees has the advantage of lessons learned; being as old as the hills has me writing Volume 26 of What [...]

What No One Tells You About Rock Tumblers


As a kid, I always hoped for a rock tumbler. Profitable fun by picking up rocks from a casual glance down on the ground and bringing it home to your rock tumbler. I had seen before and after pictures on the boxes. You could have a sapphire or pink quartz; from grey and dull to [...]

Help Wanted: Family of Three Seeks Grill Master


Area grill masters are invited to apply this Saturday for an immediate week-ends only open grill position with family of three boys, one mother: all hardy eaters. Cooking entries begin at 11 a.m, and are open to the public, professional or non professional. Trials will begin with simple basic meat entree preparation and food handling [...]

Texts I’ll Never Get


Sometimes you just have to stop waiting and wishing and instead look at what you have before you, and be satisfied. I’ll never be the wild one that Sia Furler pines after. I’ll never be the one that looks like she was born in a black leather jacket. I’ll never be the one to receive [...]

Old, And Fat, And Touchy


We don’t have a scale in our house. We never have. I tell my husband that as long as we can still zip our zippers and button our buttons, it’s all good. You don’t have to see what you weigh every day. Out of sight is out of mind. Well, that way of weighing-in may [...]

Social Media: Making Our Kids Feel Too Normal?


As a kid, I was afraid of everything. Or I had it in reverse: what I should have been afraid of [like plugging appliances in with wet hands] I wasn’t, and what I should have not been afraid of [windows without curtains] I feared.   I was afraid of  bees, wasps, afraid that I couldn’t [...]