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Aiming Low Does Good shines a spotlight each month on causes that deserve attention and people who need help. We’ll give you some ideas of how you can help, either with your money, time or talents. We’ll also show you how to get involved in your own communities and how to spread the word.

How We Used the BlackBerry PlayBook on Our Family RoadTrip

nebraska on the BlackBerry PlayBook

My family and I just finished up a 10-month road trip around the country. We hit nearly 40 cities in over 20 states, towing a 24-foot travel trailer behind our decade-old SUV. As you can imagine, we’ve spent a lot of time driving over the last year, which is where we ended up using our [...]

When I Was 17

green shoes

When I was 17 I thought I had it all figured out. I was volunteering in my Southern town, active in projects at my church, and performing not just in children’s theatre but on the main stage of the town’s production space. I was in the paper, people! I was one to watch. For real. [...]

How to Be Irish (or at Least Try it On)

Irish sign

This month is owned by Leprechauns and the color green. Next week many people, regardless of ancestry, will be Irish on St. Patrick’s day. “Being Irish” is relatively easy on the 17th but what about the rest of the month? I have compiled a simple list that will allow you to dabble in Irish dancing. [...]

Confession: I Still Watch American Idol

American Idol Stage

Fine. Mock me all you want but I can’t stop watching American Idol. Even as I am yelling, “Are you SERIOUS?” as Steven Tyler winks at another off-key beauty, I know that I’ll continue to tune in. Here’s the deal: I don’t do sports. Sure, I can get a wee bit excited every few years [...]

How Much Sleep Do Teenagers Need? Wake Up and Smell the Studies

teens need sleep or not

Good morning, sleepy head. What did you get, about 9, 10 hours of sleep last night? You are a beautiful growing gal and of course more sleep just makes you more fabulous. For years popular science has given your age demographic the all-mighty sleep nod and proclaimed that teenagers need about 9 1/4 hours of [...]

Happy Birthday to Message Boards!


Internet message forums turn 34 today. This essentially means that our generation doesn’t know a world without message boards–they have always just been there like the mustard in the back of your fridge, the date of purchase for which you can’t remember. (Dude. It came with the house.) Conceived in a blizzard by two nerds in [...]

How Babies are Made

how babies are made

The scene: a tiny travel trailer where a family of four lives, works, dresses and undresses within close proximity of each other–aka my home. I was changing clothes one morning and realized I’d accidentally flashed my fairly modest 12-year-old son. “Oops, sorry about that kid,” I said as I turned around to finish getting dressed [...]

How to Jump on the Downton Abbey Bandwagon

Downton Abbey on Twitter

Chances are if you have smart friends, they watch PBS. If they are watching PBS, they are probably also talking your ear off about the latest Masterpiece series, Downton Abbey. It’s a HUGE success and they just started filming a new season. Now is the time to pick up a few facts about the show. [...]

US Weekly Hates On Redheads

us weekly redhead

The sport of hating redheads is something that I am baffled by. I am a redhead by choice and my son is a redhead by birth. I happen to think my son is the most adorable thing walking around the planet (he is) and this adorableness spreads from his little boy toes to the top [...]

The Difference Between Boys and Girls

boys vs girls

My daughter and I recently spent four days at a Caribbean resort, our first mother-daughter getaway. We bonded over frozen drinks, had our toes painted and shared one or two long cries that ended up bringing us closer together. We came home holding hands and giggling over inside jokes. My husband and son spent the [...]

Cuter Than the Bags Under Your Eyes!

yellow purse

Oh, hello winter. And hello second semester blahs, dry skin and pale pallor. It’s so easy to succumb to the turtleneck retreat these days and that is totally normal. Animals hibernate, so why should humans be any different? What separates us from grizzly bears in the winter is obviously not the fur on our legs [...]

Who Should Play You In the Movie of Your Life?

joan cusack in toys

I just read on the internet (so you know it has to be true) that Lindsay Lohan is going to play Elizabeth Taylor in a movie. Now before you get all WHAAAAAT the LOHAN??? on me I am going to shush you with the extra tidbit that the movie is going to be a Lifetime [...]