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Dara was born on an airplane over the Atlantic which has resulted in a permanent situation of being neither here nor there. You could say she’s everywhere, like the wind. Or maybe that’s just her breaking wind… Her superpowers include: pretending she means what she says; sleep-deprivation vanquishing through dancing in the kitchen; and vegetable concealing heat ray vision (aka pureeing microwaved vegetables into dishes they don’t belong in). Sometimes she writes stuff. Occasionally she gets paid for it. And apparently she can make social media make sense. She tweets and titillates and talks about tits.


Julia Roberts married into the name. In case you didn’t know, (the famous) Julia Roberts will not call your establishment to make her own tire rotation appointment or to argue about her cell phone charges. To make matters worse, this Julia Roberts husband’s name is Julian. They own a marketing firm together. They know. It’s a bit much for them, too. A geneticist’s dream, they produced two cute kids with a rare syndrome that includes a vision disorder and a crazy kidney disease; resulting in weirdly moving eyes and kidney transplants for both at age of 8. She’d like to dispel the myth that they are heroic; they talk about their kids’ poop just like the rest of you mere mortals. She’s a believer in friends (who cook), extended family (who babysit) and an intuitive husband (who brings her diet coke before she even knows she needs one) she’s happily married to, even with her high maintenance kids. Why happily? They have the agreement that the first one who leaves the marriage has to take the kids. Julia speaks to groups on topics about navigating life as a special needs family. She blogs at Kidneys and Eyes and created a social networking site for special needs families, Support for Special Needs with writer/blogger Dawn Friedman. You can find her on twitter as @juliaroberts1.


Heather Durdil is an organizationally challenged thirty something wife, mother, & photographer living in small town about 25 miles west of Cleveland, Ohio. When not answering questions like “How are you old enough to have a daughter who drives?” and “You really think people want to read about your life in the internet?” she is taking massive amounts of photos of the said daughters and other people or writing at her blog Domestic Extraordinaire, where her tagline reads “I do it all. I never said I do it all well.” She chronicles her life as a SAHM/WAHM and shows all of her pretty, pretty pictures and some of the not so pretty ones too. You can also find her on twitter under the name @DExtraordinaire.


Schmutzie hails from Regina, Saskatchewan and is the founder, administrator, and blogger at, the Canadian Weblog Awards, and the Grace in Small Things social network, as well as being a contributing writer at BlogHer and Life As A Human. She is also a graphic designer, documentary photographer, and a shoe salesperson, because she’s found that elusive 25th hour in the day. Don’t ask her where she put it, though. She’s not sharing.

Faiqa Khan

Woman, daughter, sister, friend, wife, mother and architect of a mostly benevolent plan of future world domination. There will be ice cream and Dr. Pepper for everyone. Faiqa can be found at her personal blog at Native Born or listened to on the Hey! That’s My Hummus! podcast. Short bursts of Faiqa can also be experienced on Twitter, as well.



Mandy Dawson is a single mother of two living in California where she spends her time working, canning, cooking, baking, gardening, writing and chicken raising. She’s a regular contributor to Momtastic and has been featured on The Mommies Network, BlogHer and Mamapedia. She spends an inordinate amount of time on her own blog In Mandyland where she writes about anything from her inability to dress herself in a presentable manner to her fascination with infomercials. She’s excited to be writing for Aiming Low Teach, mostly because the last time she taught a class it involved gallons of sticky strawberry jam, five pots of boiling water and an industrial kitchen fan that drown out her voice. She wants you to remember that she’s not a professional chef nor is she a professional crafter. She is, however, a professional talker which is close enough