About Aiming Low Teach

“I am always ready to learn although I do not always like being taught.”  ~Winston Churchill

Well, that sucks, Winston!

Whether it’s how to make a craft, cooking something, trying a new project, discovering a book, DIY crown molding to DIY dance steps, there’s twenty batrillion people telling you ONLY THEY know how to do it right.

They can’t, because OBVIOUSLY we know how to do it right.

*waits for you to stop laughing*


So, chances are we don’t know how to do it ALL.

Chances are, we don’t know how to it AT all.

But chances are, we’re willing to try.

We’re willing to learn.

Getting the people who can tell you the easiest way to face these challenges without being intimidated has been our part.

Telling Winston he can fly it out his bunghole is yours.