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Aiming Low is a collaborative site that combines humor, talent and genuine story-telling skill. This is the home of Aiming Low FamilyAiming Low Teach and Miss Unlimited by Aiming Low. In 2012, Aiming Low hosted the inaugural Non-Conference with great success.

We think that life is funny; making the wrong choice isn’t. We know that you have many choices when it comes to marketing your brand. We understand your need to build relationships with customers to drive awareness and to affect purchases, product insights and loyalty through transparent product reviews, test-drives, events and more.

We know because we’re the influencers that companies want to work with.

Choosing the Aiming Low team provides a unique opportunity to not only connect with moms and dads, but to also build connections with people from all avenues of life. We’ve captured an audience that is internet savvy and active in online communities…they are leaders and voices in their offline lives…they are the choice-makers and money-spenders…they are knowledgeable about how to access the information they want and they want to be assured they are making the right decisions with their purchases.


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  • Featured Ads
  • Sponsored Representation at events
  • Sponsored Content
  • Event Planning
  • Social Media Consultation
  • Speaking/Presenting
  • Content-Driven Project

This is your opportunity to harness our broad influential reach for your company

  • A team with readership of over 900,000 readers monthly
  • A team of over 45 writers
  • A team with a vast and powerful social network footprint of 24,000+ feed subscribers and 60,000+ Twitter follower
  • Aiming Low’s daily traffic: 17,000 page-views
  • Aiming Low’s monthly traffic: 450k+ page-views
  • Aiming Low’s Twitter followers: 3200
  • Aiming Low’s Facebook page: 2150 friends

Benefits of Choosing Aiming Low

  • Reaching a wide and varied audience
  • Unique and creative campaigns
  • Authentic and genuine brand relationships
  • Engage conversation, both online and in-person
  • We are uniquely qualified to be social advocates because of network involvement and social interaction


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Have you considered the power of having your brand and product promoted at the top blogging events? At these events, your company can be brought directly to the most receptive audience.

Aiming Low includes outstanding speakers and presenters that have been featured across the US and Canada. Including: Blissdom, Blissdom Canada, Mom2.0, BlogHer, #140Conf , BlogHer BET, TypeAParent,BlogWorld, Bloggy Boot Camp and Dad 2.0.



You got a “thing”? We LIKE things! Will we like your thing? Maybe. Is it a good thing? If it is, we’ll tell all our friends about how good your thing is. Is it not a good thing? We roll with the honesty here and that’s that. 

Seriously, though, this is how we run things around here:

  • We WILL NOT post your press release so save us both some time on that one.
  • Our opinions are free. However, our time is not. A review involves a writer, an editor and the scheduler. Each take time and require pay. Those are the reasons there is a charge for reviews.
  • Decisions to post are based on the quality and relevance of your product; the review of some products may not be posted because they simply do not fit with our readership or our mission.
  • We do require a sample for all reviews. The sample will not be returned, a review is not guaranteed, and you will be responsible for any shipping costs involved.
  • We would prefer not to do high dollar reviews for items that must be returned, but please email so that it can be decided on an individual basis.
  • We will be completely truthful in the reviews we post, and while we would never deliberately speak badly of a product, we do feel that a critique of a product’s good and not so good points is valuable information. This offers balance and honesty in our reviews.
  • If we feel that a product has not brought a satisfactory result, we will contact you before publishing a review.
  • Transparency, transparency, transparency

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