Like For Like

That’s apparently how it’s supposed to work. I will like/follow your thing if you like/follow mine.

Can’t we just like or not like things based solely on whether or not we like them?

I guess not. This is a post on my Facebook page wall. You don’t need to read it, because I’m not proud of my reaction, but I thought it only fair to include it.

Believe it or not, I was quite restrained here. I may need to talk to someone about my anger.

Now, what I want to know is, how many of you expect someone to follow you on Twitter or whatever when you follow them?

70% of you?

I don’t, mainly because I suck at the Twitter and I wouldn’t follow me if I was given the choice. On the other hand, if I get a notification that someone followed me, I do go and check them out. If they interest me in the least, I follow them back. If it turns out that they are constantly spamming me with Triberr shit, the deal is off. Oh, don’t even get me started on Triberr.

Why is it a trade off for some of you? Why can’t you just like things that you like and leave it at that?

I’m not saying that you shouldn’t share your content and hope people check it out. That’s the only way that you’ll ever get anyone to read it, and I do it to. Once a month or so, I invite any new friends on Facebook to check out my page. If they like it, then that’s great, but if it’s not their style, then I hope that they don’t like it just to keep me happy. I know it’s full of off-colour humour. It’s not for everyone, that’s for sure.

I guess I just don’t know why people beg for shares. Won’t others share it if it’s worthy? Are the shares worth it if you have to coerce people into showing it to their friends? I tried it when I started, because that’s what the better blogging book that I bought said to do, but I had to give it up. I just felt like a whore, and not the good kind. I felt like the one by the dumpster who is yelling to the drunk staggering out of the pub that she’ll let him do the hooter punch again, but it’s gonna be $25 this time, because of the bruising.

What say you about all of this?

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  1. Johnny W says:

    And this is why I follow you and read your posts. Honesty

  2. As an Indie author, I actually got into a huge Internet argument with another Indie author over this exact type of thing. He would reach out to other authors for the sole purpose of “you give me 5 stars, I’ll give you 5 stars,” and was pretty much the only reviews he had ever gotten.

    Well, he reached out to us. And we (I) told him that was bullshit. Not just because his writing was dogshit (which it was) but because I want people to actually LIKE our books. An Amazon page full of generic 5 star – “this book was good, so like, buy it!” reviews does us no favors. Believe it or not, people are not stupid and can easily see through this when buying.

    Personally, I think you let the chump off easy.

    Also… you have Audacity? I love that audio program.

    • ChrisBird says:

      I do have Audacity. It’s amazing and free. I also have had people want me to go and rate or vote for shit I want nothing to do with in exchange for something. Assholes. As for letting this guy off easy, you’re right. I had so many other things that were deleted, but I have been trying to not make people feel bad about themselves on the internet. It’s sooooo hard, but I’m trying to make it a better place, even if it’s just a tiny bit.

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  3. Katy Anders says:

    That’s crazy.

    I generally follow people back on twitter and on the blog – although I notice an awful lot of people on twitter will unfollow me almost immediately after I follow them because they are just mining for follows.

    I don’t understand that concept at all.

    The thing is, if someone’s stuff doesn’t interest me, I’m not going to stop by or read their stuff after a couple times anyway.

    As a side note, though, I think I want you as my official spokesman online next time someone starts shit with me! (Now, let’s see if I can do math well enough to post this thing…)

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    • ChrisBird says:

      I love you Katy Anders. The reason I don’t follow everyone back on Twitter, is because I can’t process my newsfeed when it’s plugged up with shit that makes me mad.

      I accept the position, but if my thoughts are not on your side I will end up fighting with you. In that case I will refund any monies that have been paid. Minus expenses (weed, hookers, etc…), of course.

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  4. This cracked me up.

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    • ChrisBird says:

      I’m glad it cracked you up. I assume that you mean in the laughy sense, and not in the mental ward sense. If it’s the latter, I am sorry, but you were probably on your way there anyhow. Thanks for reading, Meghan Cooper of JaMonkey fame.

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  5. I hate that shit. Like most people I tried that out when I started too, but after a while you realize that you are just promoting yourself solely to other bloggers. Which is fine and all, but it is incestuous and doesn’t really reach out anywhere else. I am in the process of unfollowing a lot of people on twitter because twitter has become unusable since my stream just gets flooded with people spamming their own shit. I have so little time, I’ll be damned if I waste it on stuff that sucks.

    • ChrisBird says:

      I hear you brother. I’m happy to see you so happy, and I think everyone should purge the spammy self promotion from their social media. This includes me, if you have ever said, “Ugh, that guy drives me nuts with his shitty blog posts and sharing.”

      Seriously. Get rid of me once and for all.

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  6. I only “like” your stuff so I can build a network in Canada. Just in case I need to leave the States in a hurry and disappear for a while. You do have anger issues Birdman, but I think it’s fair to channel your emotions toward “like” traders, because they basically suck. Wait, you suckered me into coming here and commenting by posting on my wall! See how awesome you are?

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  7. Chummy_Chum says:

    I know I’m late to the party, but I just stumbled upon this. I found it funny, witty and makes absolute sense. And I’m not even on twitter.

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