Enjoy the Moment

I like technology.

I like it a lot.

Without it, we wouldn’t have the internet, smart phones, or social media. Three things that I have grown greatly accustomed to.

There are so many wonderful things that can be said in favor of smart phones and social media. Smart phones can help us navigate to somewhere we’ve never been. They are on-the-fly cameras. They give us weather and traffic reports. They can also be our personal assistants, taking notes and making sure we never miss an appointment.

Social media helps us connect with friends and family who are far away. It can be a bridge for people with common interests who are scattered all over the globe. It can give us instant updates on the Polar Vortex or Whovian reactions to the reveal of who will play the 12th (or 13th if you want to be particular) Doctor.

But, like anything else, with the good comes the bad. Some of us have become so attached to our phones and social media that it has kind of taken over our lives. We text or tweet instead of calling our family and friends. We post updates of everything we’re doing. We instagram all of our meals. Now, I’m not saying that I’m totally against any of this, but I think that there are certain times when we just need to put our phones down.

When my family and I went to Disneyland this past December I wanted to archive it as much as possible and share our adventure in real time on G+, Twitter, and FB. I took obligatory photos of the entrance, of the floral Mickey face just past the turnstiles, and of our tickets to happiness. Before we got on them, I tried to snap photos of the rides. I also attempted to take some (really wobbly) video.

After a couple of attractions, I knew that I had to stop. I had to put my phone away for a bit. Yes, I wanted a record of our day at Disneyland but I also wanted to be there. I wanted to be present. To be in the moment, fully enjoying it with my family.

Seeing all the incredible detail put into the park that Disney does so well. Smelling all those wonderful corn dog and churro smells as I walked past those carts. Laughing and skipping with my daughters as we wandered through Fantasyland. Looking into my husband’s eyes and nodding in agreement. Waking up before the roosters to get here was totally worth it.

So maybe the next time you’re at dinner or hanging out with your friends and family, try not to spend the entire time with your head buried in your phone. Look up. Be present. Enjoy the moment.

Photo Credit: Arbine Villanueva-Hoapili

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When she isn't stuffing her face with sweets or watching Doctor Who Arbine can be found blogging at My Shiny Life. She pretends to be clever on G+, Twitter, and Facebook. Oh and she pins like it's her job.


  1. Linda says:

    That’s me too. I like to document things and I studied photography, so I’m always taking pictures. But at some point while on vacation at Disney this past summer, I realized I had to put the camera away and enjoy being in the moment. My husband and older son tease me, pointing to their heads saying “it’s all up here anyway”. ;)

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    • Arbine says:

      It was soooo hard not to get wrapped up in trying to capture it all at Disneyland. So much to see! But yeah, putting the phone down was a good idea. Especially when you have a rainbow sprinkle dipped ice cream cone in your hand. :)

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  2. pinoy says:

    I could feel your comments. A colleague of mine went to a vacation somewhere with very nice view and beach. When they were there, he told me his wife and daughter were all playing with their phones and tablets.

    It would be better to go on vacation somewhere very far and with no internet access. All nature and stuff!

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