Traditions, TRADITIONS!

In all its glory: The Barbie clock.

Ah, traditions. Those time-honored events our families take part in so we can remember holidays with our family. Some of them are recalled fondly and some we’d like to forget. However you feel about them, you have to admit you almost look forward to taking part in celebrations, right?

In my family we’ve always done pollyannas. I am one of seven children so my parents used to have us pick a name out of a hat on Thanksgiving and then leave secret notes and whatnot for our pollyanna.

When we all grew up and moved out of the house we decided we didn’t need to exchange gifts as adults (HELLO! 7 siblings plus spouses plus our parents and kids? $$$!!!!) so we have our ten collective children do pollyannas now. They look forward to it every year.

Another tradition in our house? The adult gift exchange. While the kids are on a sugar high we send them to the basement playroom and the adults gather in the family room. It’s sort of like a pollyanna on steroids. We each put in a gift and we draw a number to see who picks first. So getting number 1 STINKS because you get what you get. If you choose numbers 13 or 15, however, it’s awesome because you can take another person’s gift (that they’ve already opened) or choose a new gift for yourself. Basically we make up new rules every year. Or we can’t remember the rules, one of the two. Anywho, a few glasses of wine in and it’s a hootin’ hollerin’ time. But wait, there’s more! We also have the piece de resistance, the gag gift that gets passed around to a new person every year. The Barbie clock!

There’s a bit of history with the clock, of course. When we were growing up and went on vacation, my mother ALWAYS brought the Barbie clock. It’s the most annoying alarm in the world. So we’d get up for sure, because, well, it’s the most annoying alarm in the world. Fast forward twenty years and my brother found a Barbie clock and it got inserted in the gift exchange. Now we keep passing it around. For some odd reason, no one ever wants to choose it so we go to great lengths to disguise the box and some poor unsuspecting soul selects it by accident every year.

You know, like I did last year.

So be warned, family. When our family party comes this year I’m hiding that clock in a way no one has seen before! MWAHAHAHA!!!!

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