Our Beautiful Differences

A few weeks ago I went with my husband and my two young daughters to watch Disney’s latest animated feature film Frozen. I had no idea what the movie was supposed to be about. All I remembered from the trailer I saw was that there was a lot of snow, a snowman, and a reindeer who gets his tongue stuck on a frozen lake.

I’m proud to report that I thoroughly enjoyed the movie. The colors and imagery were quite beautiful and at times breathtaking. Arendelle, along with Rivendell and Asgard, is on my list of fictional places I would want to visit. Without giving too much away, I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised where they went with the story. There was a great blend of heart and wit. And the music? Well, let’s just say that my daughters and I have been listening to the soundtrack at least once a day ever since.

One of my favorite songs from Frozen was Let It Go (the Idina Menzel version thankyouverymuch). While we were watching that scene in the movie I was mesmerized by all the things Elsa was doing. I wasn’t really paying attention to the lyrics. Then when I listened to the song later (trying to learn the lyrics because that’s what everyone does, right?) it struck a completely different chord in me.

The basic gist of the song is about how Elsa (the elder sister) is tired of having to hide her powers. Having to hide who she truly is. She just wants to be free.

Although this movie is a work of fiction, I think a lot of us can identify with her. We live in a world where girls are sometimes ashamed of what makes them unique. What makes them different. What makes them truly beautiful.

Why are we so ashamed of these things? I don’t really know. Maybe it’s because we don’t want to be seen as going against the crowd. Maybe it’s because we just want to fit in. Maybe it’s because we’ve lived our whole lives with people telling us to just be normal.

I think we all need to take a cue from Elsa and learn to embrace our differences. Whether those differences be our physical traits, where we’re from, our sexuality, or what fandoms we enjoy, they’re a part of us and we shouldn’t be embarrassed about them.

Our differences make us who we are.

And we are pretty darn fabulous.

Photo credit: Arbine Villanueva-Hoapili

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  1. Shay says:

    Ah, this is so true. If only everyone could see this in him/herself.

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