I’m Not Always Ornery

I was thinking about this today, and people reading things I write for Aiming Low must think I’m one crotchety bastard. I think at least half of the posts have me grumbling about one thing or another.

That’s not who I am very often. I’m actually a happy guy most of the time.

But people don’t often respond to happiness, unless of course it’s their own. I’m not blaming them, it’s a busy world. Peeps got shit to do, cookies to eat, blogs to read.

Hint hint

I just find it odd that more people will take the time to give you a virtual high five if you just told half of the world that their grammar, hair, sense of taste, etc… is deplorable, than if you told them how much your mom means to you. (It’s a lot, Mom. You’re spectacular.)

Why do you suppose that is? I’m not bitching about it, but it perplexes me quite often. Has it always been that way? Is it only in our society? Is it just me being a Debbie Downer and there’s nothing wrong at all?

I want it to be the opposite of how I see it, and I need you to make it work. I want you to go to your choice of social media outlets and find some positive posts. After you’ve found them, leave a nice comment on at least one. (more than one is better) It has to be a heartfelt comment too, it can’t be just something you are saying to appease me, because I know how important my approval is to you.

Now the hard part. Ignore the negative shit about how Satan is killing kittens, how tragic life is when you get the shopping cart with a squeaky wheel, or how everybody is so annoying. I’m not saying that these aren’t true, just that you shouldn’t encourage that kind of negativity today. It doesn’t help you or them.

They aren’t really dead. They’re undead, actually.

(photo from http://weheartit.com/entry/43294410)

Instead, try to figure out a way to make it better instead of complaining about it. Like I do.

The next time I start griping about everybody’s laziness when it comes to language; don’t comment on it. It only fuels me to write more of it, and really, I’m going to run out of material soon.

Instead, comment on nice things. Things that make you feel good, but not because they make you feel superior to some idiot that won’t try to write properly.

Try it. I think you’ll like it. If you don’t, just start commenting on the shit again. You’ll receive tons of it in return.

P.S. This post is half and half, so you can put in a small comment if you wish. ;)

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  1. Melanie L. says:

    Love this post! I want to read more positive things but I have noticed, as you mentioned, that people seem to want to read the nasty stuff, rude, judgemental posts. I am not exempt from this… I find myself reading to judge, but I sure do not like this part of myself. I read mostly blogs that have a positive themes, though.

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