The Blog Post That Wasn’t

It’s going well then

Just your average weekday afternoon with a looming post deadline. I can DO THIS. I can write my post for Aiming Low.  No sweat.

I’m pretending my daughter is napping and have ALL THE PLAYDOH strewn out across our dining room table for my son. It should keep him busy for at least 8 minutes. And then he can listen to me curse Playdoh under my breathe for a half hour later while I try to clean it all up. I’m set.

Let me just take a few swigs of my Diet Coke for liquid stamina and shift the laptop a smidgen over to the left so the ginormous pile of paperwork I’ve been ignoring isn’t glaring me directly in the eye while I try to type.

Now I’ll call up that fantabulous post idea I had this morning in the shower and then dig right in. The only problem is that I can’t quite remember what that idea was. Darn me for not thinking to take paper in with me. When will I learn?

The trouble is I have so much to cover mentally while enjoying my 1 minute and 30 second shower break. It’s a lot to jam in. In addition to planning my outfit for the day, I have to take advantage of the time to chuckle over the latest witty thing I heard Mindy Kaling say in an interview and then fantasize about maybe putting the kids to bed early tonight so I can sneak in the latest episode of Revenge. This won’t happen, but a Mama’s gotta have dreams, right?

In any case, I did have an idea for this post, and it was super. Was probably something about my kids, since I seem to write about them a lot. Or my husband. Or the dog. Or my obsession with online shopping. After a while, it’s all the same thing, really.

TOTAL MENTAL FOG. Also, I am feeling sulky because only a handful of people have liked my brilliantly funny latest Facebook post. What is wrong with people? And how can anyone be expected to produce quality content in these harsh conditions?

Right. I simply cannot write the post. Will have to let Anissa fire me and wait for the next coolest site ever to come along and accept me into their fold. It should only take another 5 years or so. Or never.

You’ll excuse me while I go hyperventilate into a paper bag over potentially blowing an awesome opportunity and madly beat my head against the wall in an attempt to pound some coherent thoughts into it. In the meantime, hope you find an actual post to read somewhere. Totally blows when you were expecting something good and those darn authors just can’t get their crap together.

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  1. Meredith,
    You underestimate your talent at writing & making us all feel a bit better with the laughter you give or the seriousness of your postings!! You are always true to the pen with feelings most of us can not put into words. Since I can not do it or even write this well, my thanks to you and your talents!!!
    Cindy Gabriele

  2. Chris Carter says:

    OKay- I have to tell you this is my SECOND comment- and my first was BRILLIANT!!! I mean it really was freaking awesome!!! And then – ya know what happened???

    That damn Captcha had a really TOUGH equation to add up- and uh….

    I got it WRONG!!!!! Oh Lord oh Lord oh Lord. I have now dug a new low.

    I will definitely complain to the ‘editor in cheif’ at this site, that the captcha is WAY too sophisticated for us ‘stay at home mamas’ who haven’t had an intellectual thought since college- which for me was like – um. SEE? I can’t even add THAT up!!

    Oh Lord. Thank God for words. :)

    Okay- here I go… say a prayer I get this new equation correct!! Totally getting my calculator now. Hell I’ve been on this post for a mere twenty minutes already…. looks to be subtraction… okay- they got a bit easier on me. 67-7. I think I can handle this one!! WHEW! Too. Much. Work.

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  3. I would rather read your non-posts more than a lot of the real posts out there, Meredith. Truth.

    Can someone please talk to Anissa about reserving the easy Captcha math for me? Like, 2+2 = Stephanie can now leave a comment?


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  4. Sometimes ignoring deadlines is fun. Like right now, when I’m reading you, funny lady. Uh, oh. My CAPTCHA math is subtraction, so you guys may never see this comment.

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  5. Heather Fleshman says:

    Love that I am not the only one that forgets all the stuff I am supposed to do. Thank Meredith for making feel better and not completely alone.

  6. Meredith says:

    Oh honey, as long as I am around, you will never be alone! *Fist-bump* to forgetting!

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  7. People please. Don’t anger the captcha. It may have come here from the future to kill John Conner. Don’t make it worse.

  8. Shay says:

    It’s a good post! You’ve perfectly summed up how many of us feel when dealing with writer’s block, and you wrote your way through it. Great job!

  9. Girl, you are funny!

    And? I also got the captcha code WRONG. Math wizard, I ain’t!

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  10. Courtney says:

    Your non writing is so lovable and relateable! Love your honesty and style. It makes me smile

  11. Jen Hinrichsen says:

    You’re awesome. Whether you have a great idea to write about or if you write about nothing, you always make me smile and appreciate that you area friend!

  12. Keesha says:

    Meredith you are that woman who complains about having nothing and still comes up with something fabulous, better than many people’s best! Great to see you over here!

  13. All I have to say is I had an amazing idea for a post until I read yours, then it just disappeared. Must be a virtual osmosis thing? No actually I have nothing funny to say, but that you are fabulous and I just love seeing your name and your smiling face everywhere and if I’m lucky enough to read your eloquent work, it’s a great day. Now I’m going to ace this CAPTCHA. Wish me luck!

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