What Do You Want To Be? (When You Grow Up…)

If I’d planned on growing up, I guess I’d have chosen to be something like a a nurse, a teacher, or maybe a public servant. You know, something that changes lives and really matters. But since I have an incurable Peter Pan complex, I’ve always wanted to do something in the arts. And it could be argued that the arts have changed lives and matters. Not in the same way mind you, but where would we be without bread and circuses? And speaking of bread, I would have loved to be a chef.

Oh, I’ve wanted to be everything if you want to know the truth. Never could make up my mind. In grade school we invited professionals to speak at career day. I brought in a graphic artist and decided I wanted to design product packaging. I’ve wanted to be a stand up comic and impressionist (chickened out), an actor (went to acting school, but the music won), something culinary (baker’s hours really suck. Actually chef’s hours do too). When I was seven I started to write the sequel to “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” and decided I’d be a writer. But then I realized that Roald Dahl beat me to it. His prerogative since he wrote the first one. I majored in photography the second or was it third time at college and wanted to be the next Diane Arbus.

Alas, what I wound up doing was music. I started playing guitar at the ripe old age of eight and spent hours upon hours up in my room writing my little songs and singing my heart out. I was the kid playing at guitar mass and at talent shows, spaghetti dinners and parties. I had bands in high school, college and when I moved to New York.

Finally, with Jehova Waitresses I got the chance to be a “lifer”, which is musician speak for being more than a weekend player.

And fortunately for me…it didn’t require me to grow up…too much.

What do you want to be when you grow up?

About Linda Roy

Linda is a writer/musician with a Peter Pan Petty complex, a guitar toting husband, two boys and pug dependency issues. She’s grateful that the word “snark” has been introduced into the vernacular since people just used to know her as “the chick with the bad attitude”.  She feels strangely akin to Larry David and will criticize your parallel parking abilities to prove it. She blogs at elleroy was here and fronts the Indie Americana band Jehova Waitresses.  She also writes at Lefty Pop and Funny Not Slutty. Connect with her on TwitterFacebook and Google+


  1. When I grow up, I kind of want to be a Jehova Waitress groupie.

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  2. Priyal says:

    My ambition has also changes a lot of times from archaeologist to architect but now i have figured it out that when i grow up I want to be an owner of a company….for now :)


  1. [...] years and an intense and authentic artistic vision, she has overcome tremendous industry odds to become one of pop’s biggest success [...]

  2. [...] years and an intense and authentic artistic vision, she has overcome tremendous industry odds to become one of pop’s biggest success [...]

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