Are You Ready For Some Fantasy Football?

Now that summer is dwindling down, we are entering one of the most beloved times of year in my household…football season! That’s right. This food loving Whovian is also a football fan.

Almost everyone in my family is into football. My husband is a New York Football Giants fan. My brother-in-law loves the Cowboys. My younger sister, her husband, and my younger brother are Niners fans. The Vikings are my dad’s team. And as for me, I am #ColtStrong.

So, how do you get a family who already loves football to watch even more football? Well, you start playing fantasy football. The first year I played I had no idea what the heck I was doing. These days I kind of have an idea on how to play but that doesn’t mean that I don’t question myself about the players I drafted or who I should be starting week to week.

Although I am no Matthew Berry (far from it actually), I do have some tips for those who may want to start playing.

Team Name

Now, this may seem trivial and to most it may not even be worth spending any time on, but creating a good team name is part of the fun of playing. You could choose a name based on a player from your favorite team (Kaep’n Crunchtime or The Luck Stops Here) or you could choose a name based on your favorite team (Inglorious Packers). You could even choose a name based on something totally unrelated to football. Whatever you decide, just have fun with it.

Drafting Players

This is an entirely personal thing. You can draft players solely based on where they are on a Top 500 ranking list. You can draft players based on their projected weekly average points (this can differ depending on whether or not you are playing in a Points Per Reception league). You can draft a player just because you like his salsa dance. It’s entirely up to you. But please, for the love of [insert your chosen deity] DO NOT DRAFT A KICKER OR A DEFENSE IN THE FIRST ROUND.

During the Season

Fantasy Football is an activity that requires at least a weekly involvement. You’ll want to check if any of your players have a bye, what teams your players are facing, and if any of them are out due to an injury. It’s always good to be informed about your players.  It’s really easy to become attached to the players you draft but if someone offers you a trade that will benefit both of your teams, there is no reason not to take it.

Please keep in mind that I am no Yoda when it comes to this stuff. These tips are just based on what I have experienced so far. Don’t take anything that I say too seriously. Except for this. Have fun. Because in the end, that’s what it’s really all about.

Well, that and winning, of course.

Photo Credit: Arbine Villanueva-Hoapili

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    I sign up for Fantasy Football for one reason: smack talk.

    P.S. Go Steelers. :)

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