Not Ready For School

A couple of months ago I got a call from one of the preschools we had applied our daughters to. I figured that they were just calling to ask us if we wanted to keep the girls on the waiting list. But, it turns out, I was wrong. The school was actually calling to tell us that there would be a space available for our nearly three-year-old in the fall. I told them that I would have to talk it over with my husband first but that we’d let them know.

At first I was like HOORAY! Do you know how tough it is to get your kid into preschool these days? You have to put them on a waiting list the day they get a Social Security number. Then, if you’re lucky enough to get accepted to your school of choice, comes the matter of affording the tuition. It can cost nearly as much, if not more, as your rent or mortgage. Ridiculous, I know, but totally true.

I was all ready to do some major Kermit flailing, but then reality went and slapped me in my face. Sometimes it can be such a bitch. 3-year-olds have to be fully potty trained to attend preschool. Our youngest hasn’t even started to tell us when she needs to go to the bathroom.

Part of me was completely crushed that she wouldn’t be able to go. I knew it would be possible that we could potty train her before the school year actually started but I also knew that forcing her when she’s not ready is not a good thing either. We tried to do that with our older daughter and it made her want to stop going to the bathroom altogether.

The other part of me, the extremely selfish part, was kind of glad that she isn’t potty trained yet. I’ll get to spend a little more time with her before she starts going to school. A little more time to dance around the living room after breakfast. A little more time to build block castles.  A little more time to make pillow and blanket forts. A little more time to pretend to be Ninja Turtles. A little more time to read stories before a nap. A little more time for me to figure out how to completely stop time so she can be my baby girl for just a bit longer.

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