Lay versus Lie Gives Woman Freakin’ Heart Attack

Chickens lay eggs, people lie down.

But then what about “Now I lay me down to sleep…?”

Never mind,  read this: “Every afternoon we lay down and rest for an hour,” laying is okay here because it’s in the past.

But are we chickens now?

Stop thinking. Here’s more: the past participle of the verb to lie is lain. The eggs were lain.

But Farmer Brown always says the chicken just layed eggs.

Shuttup. Memorize this now: Lie, lay, lain, is an intransitive verb that does not need an object.

Do you have any water? I feel like I need some water. And to lay down. I mean, lie down. I mean, someone lay me down. Sally?

Gitoverhere. Repeat after me: lie is generally used to refer to things, but may be used to refer to a group or class of people.

Can we open a window, y’all? I seriously need to lay lie lain my head down.

We’re not done yet. People lie, but you don’t lie people, but you can lay people.

Sorry, could you repeat that? I didn’t hear you, I was calling my therapist who just told me to lay down.

All you have to remember, simpleton, is lie, lay, lain, lay, laid, laid. Got it?

Someone call Sally! I need her to put my body in a reclining position.

Damn you Eric Clapton!

photo credit: Azimo via photopin cc

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