Top 6 Ways You Are Annoying on Social Media

Since I’m a blogger and a media junkie, I’m online more than a lot. I’ve lovingly compiled this list of things you should reconsider sharing on social media, because they are annoying. You’re welcome.

1. Combining your significant other’s name with yours as a facebook name. You aren’t conjoined twins, KatieandMichael Jones. If you are worried that someone may contact your SO online without your knowledge, you have bigger problems than potentially sordid facebook interactions. Runner up: making up fake names to describe your hobby, i.e., Shannon Lovesbuyingpradaknockoffs.

2. Post incessantly about how busy and important you are. If you actually had a To Do list a mile long because everyone wants a piece of you, you would be working. Tweeting how vital to every project you are means you aren’t.

3. LOL after everything. If you aren’t legitimately Laughing Out Loud after what you just wrote, don’t type it. For example, “My dog is asleep on his bed. LOL.” Or, “Sitting in traffic. LOL.” These are not LOLable comments. Stop it. LOL is dumb.

4. Whine constantly.Everyone has bad days. Sometimes it feels good to vent and wish your day had a reset button. But if your posts are consistently those of bitching, no one cares.  For example: “Our new pool is being installed but the workers and tractors are so loud I can’t finish my nap.” “Now it is raining so the workers can’t finish the pool today. Sigh.” “The pool is finished but it is sooooo much work and I don’t know who my true friends are because I think they are using me for the pool. LOL.”

5. Share something that is obviously a chain mail hoax. Pleas to save the last living pink baby unicorn which scientists only recently discovered in the Amazon are foolish. Telling everyone in your news feed sharing it will prevent bad luck for 47.3 years and the grocery store will always be out of your favorite cereal if you don’t is inane.  If you aren’t sure, exists for a reason.

6. Post only of pictures of food. {Exception made for Pinterest} Unless you are a chef or food photographer, no one wants to see your breakfast. (Admittedly, I’m guilty of this. Today I had a grumpy pill and a snarky smoothie. Hit me up on Instagram if you want to see it in all of its filtered glory.)

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  1. Nora Blithe says:

    SO true. Everyone should read this!

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  2. 1. Tell Tricia how funny this is. Like LOL funny. off to take pics of a Pop Tart now.

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  3. Jen says:

    The 7th is liking everything your Wannabe bestie says or likes on FB. Especially concerning tv shows you don’t watch or jokes you don’t understand.

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  4. Karen says:

    1) Facebook accounts are free. Don’t be a douche.
    2) I’m very busy and important in Brazil.
    3) My mom tells me I’m LOL funny though, so we’re okay there.
    4) Who do we know who has a pool? I look forward to using them for their suntan possibilities.
    5) Also, what is up with the “like if you can name a state with the letter “e” in it” posts?
    6) Exception granted for Cupcrazed.

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    • TriciaOakes says:

      Karen, I really wish you’d stop acting like Brazil is a real place. We all know you were really in Myrtle Beach working at Wings for a month.

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  5. Lizz says:

    I’m guilty of over LOLing. I think it’s because I worry my sarcastic nature will be taken seriously, and it’s the only way I can temper it. I’m trying to stop. The first step is admitting I have a problem, right?

    Also, I’d like to add: conversations with your SO (who lives in your house) about how much you love each other and/or talking about crap that could be taken to text. We don’t all need to see it.

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    • TriciaOakes says:

      For my next AI post I’ll have the follow up six, and one of them relates to SO lovey dovey BS talk. NO.

      And I understand why some people LOL – it is hard to read tone online and I (obviously) can come across as a snark monster. But we must stop LOL abuse. It’s a national epidemic.

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  6. Lilian says:

    This is a topic that is close to my heart… Many thanks! Where
    are your contact details though?

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  8. kippy p. says:

    Agree with it all except… saving he last pink baby unicorn, TPO. That shiz is serious.


    • TriciaOakes says:

      You are right, KP. I really should care more for the earth and wildlife and scientific research. I’ll do better, I promise. :)

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  9. Anne says:

    I try not to lol too much, but sometimes you have to give a courtesy lol.

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  10. Laura says:

    Any FB friend of mine who repeatedly commits #5 will be dropped faster than a hot potato. I have been known to actually look crap up on snopes and drop the link in a person’s “save the baby pink unicorns” status updates with the word FALSE just above it. Not that it helps, but it does make me feel a little better calling those morons out.

  11. Katie E says:

    All so, so true. You had me at the first one (I hate that – makes me want to de-friend).

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