The Best Way to Destroy Someone Emotionally

I was riding to work today as I always do at 8am.

I must have been close to the bike lane divider line because some asshole in the full loser bike gear yelled at me as he’s passing me.

“Move to the LEFT!!!! Jesus!!!”

Look, skinny weirdo bike dick – there’s six feet on either side of me and nobody around. If you’re going to pass me just shut up and do it. By the way, your skin tight spandex shirt is not exactly a lady panty-melter. This is part of the reason you haven’t been laid this millennium.

That entire line shot through my head milliseconds after he yelled at me. But here’s what came out instead.


The best way to evisercate and destroy someone’s well being is to laugh at them. To them. When it’s just you and them alone. Nothing is more dehumanizing.

Now the trick to successfully killing someone’s spirit by laughing is very simple – in that moment, you must hate them so much that yelling would be a waste of your time. That they’re not even worth arguing with. They’re that insignificant.

Is this cruel? Oh yeah. But, if you don’t want to laugh at them, you have another option. Fight back – which definitely works since bullies stand down if you can find your balls and hold your ground. I didn’t have a stick to throw in this guy’s wheel spokes and we were traveling at 20 mph. So I laughed at him. It was awesome.

Try this next time you’re dealing with a bully/predator. Simply look them dead in the eye. Well, look through them into their soul where fear and anxiety hide. Laughing will cause them to relive some horrible shame trauma from grade school. Like the time they sharted during ceramics class and everyone laughed.

I also recommend getting the hell out of there as you’re laughing. After looking into their eyes and laughing you must walk away. It’s all part of the dehumanization. Plus, you never know if they’re going to throw a haymaker. Some people are jerks like that.

You want to be a jerk, too, but a jerk out of harm’s way.

If you haven’t laughed at somebody in a long time, put it on your to-do list. Try to position yourself in front of a few dickheads this week. You’ll be amazed how good you feel laughing at someone who deserves it.

Oh, and then make sure to forgive yourself. Guilt and remorse have no place in laughing at someone. Steer clear of any bad feelings by telling yourself that they made you do it. Then, move on. Drop an extra nickel in the church plate if you can’t sleep at night.

God’s totally cool with absolution. It’s his deal.

Bike Chick

This broad looks like she would yell at me too. I have a laugh all chambered-up just for her.

photo credit: Richard Masoner / Cyclelicious via photo pin cc

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  2. Shelley says:

    Great Read! Inevitably when I scroll thru this site I pick one of DJ’s stories. He writes what many of us think – only better. Stay out of my head! But keep writing.

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  3. hunter says:

    ok, sounds good
    now how to do this over the net? I got a “adult” to destroy, and I don’t want to look “butt hurt” in his forum

  4. D.J. says:

    I love forum fights! The trick is to tear the person apart sentence by sentence. I can assist should you need help.

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  5. hunter says:

    yes, I do need you for this one, but first thing first
    the mods are the trolls on this fourm that I want to get back at, and they want me to keep off, so emails , proxys,and ips by the ton are needed. that and the mods change your comment to look dumb so they can feel proud, so a double watch is needed to change them back

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