Changing your mind can be good, too.

There are some people that think that changing your mind means indecision and that it’s bad. Why?

Why would anyone think that changing your mind about what you want is a bad thing?

People do, though. In part, it may stem from an older generation (or two) that believe we should “know” where we’re going, what we’re supposed to do. Some think we’re supposed to be focused early on, without diverging from those goals. Perhaps women especially think that because their choices were so limited in the olden days. Less options when you’re growing up make for less options in front of you, less choice for the kind of life you want to live and instead the choices pick what kind of life you’re going to live.

We don’t have that problem now. We have endless possibilities. Endless. If you want to raise a family, do it. If you want to have a career and raise a family, get on with it. If you want to live single or childless or have a child as a single mother by choice, now is your time.

Be yourself.

Change your mind.

Find your bliss. 

Follow your heart, while listening to your head.

Be fearless. Be you.

 Photo taken by me of art (on a greeting card) from Papaya. 


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Laughing at raising your two kids with special needs is frowned upon in certain circles, you know? Like Grandma and Grandpa find it especially annoying. Blogging since 2005 at Kidneys and Eyes and co-founder of a social networking site, Support for Special Needs, she stays pretty busy working in her business with her husband (yeah, they're crazy) and insurance receipts. A night owl, Diet Coke lover, and vintage photo collector she hopes to raise advocates and activists.


  1. Ridx says:

    So True. We have endless options. :)


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