Moving In

The great thing about buying a house is finally living in it. The actual act of moving isn’t so great. There are too many boxes and too much heavy lifting. You have to organize, pack, and clean. Then you have to clean and unpack and organize some more. If I were Martha Stewart maybe I’d be good at this. I’d have a system. I’d pack all of our belongings according to rooms and label each box in legible handwriting.

I’m no Martha Stewart. So I haphazardly threw all of our belongings into the disintegrating boxes that we bought six years ago. I insisted on saving them all just in case. If you’re actually going to buy boxes you might as well keep them, right? I paid good money for these pieces of cardboard and I’m going to get as much use out of them as possible. After all, the instructions on the top flap do clearly direct you to reuse the boxes and I like to follow instructions… sometimes.

As my husband lifts each box, the bottom flaps sagging and the sides bulging, he says, “It’s time to get rid of these now, right?” I agree, but secretly I’m thinking they could survive one last use. Maybe I could use them to build an addition in the back. I’m sure our nineteen year old wouldn’t mind sleeping in a cardboard box room, that way we could use his room for guests.

When there’s no rhyme or reason to your packing, you never know what you’re going to get when you reach into a box. I’ve found a few things that I don’t remember packing in the first place, like a pair of jeans that no longer fit or a book that wasn’t good the first time I read it. I’m starting to think these boxes are generating ill fitting clothes and badly written novels on their own. Maybe they’ll generate some cash money and a personal chef soon. I need to buy some furniture and I’m oh so tired of cooking.

Now that we’re nearly done with all this moving and unpacking, our new house is finally starting to look like a home … a disorganized mess of a home, but a home none the less. My husband has talked me into recycling the boxes, so it looks like we’re stuck here for awhile.

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