Who Owns Your Body?

Six months, maybe a year ago I saw a news report on how the Internet has equalized the playing field in the imagery of a sexual nature that is available to all teens and young adults.

Meaning, porn is available to everyone, at all times!

What does that mean? The reporter said that it makes young women place less value on modesty because of the images they see constantly. Images of bodies so available that your body doesn’t even seem like it’s yours anymore because they’re everywhere. So basically, I understood that to mean it’s easier than ever to send pictures of your body, or provocative, suggestive pictures digitally leaving more possibility to pictures coming back to haunt you years later.

I was thinking about how grateful I was that when I was a young woman, I didn’t have to deal with the Internet or even the slightest possibility of sending an image I wouldn’t want public years later. I mean, really, thank the Goddess.

As a woman, I believe you have the right to do whatever you want with your body. I feel the same way for my own daughter, who is embarking on teenagehood soon. I just hope that when she does exercise her right over her own body, that she considers what permanency means in relation to the images she shares.

I’m not even talking about permanency on the Internet, I’m talking about the act of sharing your (provocative, sexy, naked) images with others. I’m asking you to give those images to yourself first. Hold on to them, consider who deserves to see them before you send them.

Joe, Brad, Dillon, your parents, Chris, your friends, your enemies, your teacher, your employer? You own the body in those images. Once you share them, other people then “own” them, forever. Don’t just give those away without a thought.

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  1. Coming from a woman naked all over the internet I really think this is great advice and food for thought.

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  2. Ridx says:

    An excellent message for all the ladies out there. :)


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