5 Annoying Things in Healthcare

Listen. I love doctors, really. Well, most of them anyway. I mean we have a few that have saved our kids’ lives, so yes, we love us some doctors.

We don’t, however, love waiting in their waiting rooms (one of many pictured above), or horrible offices, or to deal with the consequences of stupid mistakes. The other day during our 2 hour and 45 minute appointment (sigh) I got to thinking about the annoying things that have happened to us over the years.

1. One time we set an appointment with a very popular orthopedist. Because of a cancellation, we were able to beat their 6-month average waiting time and were in within a few weeks. Unfortunately after waiting in their office for over an hour, they told us we weren’t on the appointment list for the day, that in fact it was a few months away. Huh? It was okay though, if I wanted to wait another 3 hours they’d be happy to put me in at the end of the day. Waiting with a 3 and 5-year-old? No thanks.

2. Gum-cracking front office staff. Enough said,  yo.*

3. On more than one occasion the kids have had to go back to the hospital for labs. A couple of times because they didn’t collect enough blood and once recently because one of the vials for one kids ended up with the other kid’s name on it. That wasn’t fun to explain to the kids.

4. No offense to sick people in waiting rooms, especially E.R.s, but the coughing all over the place without a mask and without the staff asking people to use one? Annoying.

5. Oh, the waiting. Hours and hours waiting for doctors to arrive, for doctors to come into our little treatment rooms and for nurses and techs to come back into the rooms to administer meds, provide scripts, or referrals, oh the waiting.

I’d love to tell you about the time a man and three people with him stopped us to pray over my son (who didn’t like to be touched) and as they prayed – very loudly prayed – the man’s hand fell lower and lower until it was completely covering my son’s head and forehead. I feel that that one should be a post by itself though.

Lots of interesting things happen in hospitals.

* Why yes, my goal is to use “yo” once in every post this year.


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  1. IzzyMom says:

    One time I had to do a seven hour glucose test, which means over the course of seven hours you give EIGHT vials of blood and sit in in the lab waiting room for nearly nine hours. Guess what they did with those EIGHT vials of my blood?


    So yeah…not a huge fan of healthcare :(

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  2. It’s funny. I do HR for a healthcare company. Have young kids, and My mom was an ICU nurse and Dad is a dentist. I feel like I have seen it from all sides. It can really be frustrating on all sides. Healthcare workers have frustrations with patients, and of course patients have frustration with providers. It’s really a tough situation since we are all humans no matter what out profession. I am darn good at my job, but I make mistakes. And after more years in HR than I care to admit, I know pretty much everyone does. But when it is a children that have to be redrawn for a lab error, or G-d forbid worse, it hits us in a way that no other thing can. As for the coughing, well you would think adult patients should no better, but to the healthcare workers, I give them a couple benefits of the doubt. They have a lot going on, often for critical/life threatening and it can be hard to worry about minor disease containment. Also sometimes a cough can be related to non communicable things like allergies. Plus I am sure it becomes background noise that gets tunes out. Kind of like we sometimes do with our children when the repeat something for the millionths time, or can’t wait for the other people to finish the conversation, even though they have been told to hold on…. Not an excuse, but I see why that happens

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  3. Megan says:

    And let’s talk about the chairs – could they be more uncomfortable? What’s worse than waiting for an hour for an appointment? Spending that hour on a horribly uncomfortable chair.

    I recently sat in a waiting room for 45 minutes past our appointment time (and we were early) and was told, when I asked what was up, that they had “squeezed me in,” which pissed me off because I didn’t indicate that I was in a hurry for the appointment. To make matters worse, they didn’t even do the procedure we came in for. The procedure that the insurance company told me I had to go to them for, the one that the insurance company got the billing code for (from this provider) and issued the pre-approval for and the one that I specified when making the actual appointment. Dumbassery – ain’t nobody got time for that!

    Also, when a doctor’s office won’t issue a prescription for therapy because you haven’t been seen in six months when the doctor told you “come back in a year” and you already have the appointment. So you make an earlier appointment and at the end the doctor tells you “come back in a year.” Ugh.

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