Destruction of the Bathroom Scale

An argument could be made for whether or not land mines, torture devices, and the atomic bomb should be destroyed, but I will not be swayed on the bathroom scale!

More intelligent, educated people disagree with me. Scales encourage weight loss and keep folks on track, right?

Yadda, yadda, yadda….

What they really do is emit brain altering waves!

I don’t own one, I will never own one, and I really avoid ever stepping on one.

I know when I have lost or gained weight. I also know when I need to lose weight. My energy level, well-being, and the pinch of my waistband tell me; a number on a scale is not needed.

The only need I see for scales is a doctor figuring out a dosage. That’s it. Period.

I recently had a big reminder as to why scales are mind benders and should be avoided at all costs.

Over a long period of time I lost weight. Looking back, I can see some lifestyle changes that led to this outcome. I believe it is just a happy by-product of being more present and mindful. I can’t really pinpoint any plan or one thing I did and when I’m asked how I lost weight I usually just shrug. Getting into my entire life philosophy at the grocery store isn’t really appropriate.

Okay so I admit it–I succumbed. I was curious about how much weight I had lost and I stepped on my mom’s scale. The actual number was pleasing and I could see why I felt better. Life carried on. Well, it did for a couple of hours….

Suddenly when my guard, was down the number flashed through my head. I was consumed with The Number. The Number was just a measly 16 digits away from my all time lowest weight.

16 more pounds! How hard could it be to lower 16 pounds?

I could suck up the fact that I hate formal exercise and love pies, cheese, and bacon.

Could the pain be worth seeing the decrease?

If I sacrificed, I could do it….

WTF!!!! (This is a non-cussing, wholesome post so the “F” clearly stands for fluff.)

I was 150% happy before stepping on that awful, tiny square in my mom’s bathroom.

Suddenly, I was obsessed with losing weight and was thinking of making decisions that would seriously affect my joy (I really do HATE formal exercise and I really do LOVE pies, cheese and bacon!).

I will resist the force…I will be strong.

I have to say I am humbled–part of me thought I was immune to the super powers of the bathroom scale!

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  1. Megan says:

    Scales are the devil.

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  2. Scales are just Satan’s way of getting even for the Olsen twins

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  3. Barb says:

    Love the post and sooo true!

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